India passport with Spouse visa for UK - trip to France

#1 Nov 28th, 2017, 01:48
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I have a relative about to arrive in the UK from India on a Spouse Visa. Time is short but if possible she would like to travel to France for Christmas with her British husband. Anybody with any knowledge on the process and chances of success in a short time-frame. Home town Edinburgh.
#2 Nov 28th, 2017, 21:48
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I don't know. Thought it would be nice to take my Indian wife on the train from London to Paris, but we didn't even want to think about the visa issues.

Anyway, "bumping" the thread for you. Indian applying for French/ Schengen visitor visa in UK for short visit? Anyone know?

Non-official but could be useful information ->here.
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#3 Nov 28th, 2017, 22:58
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I know an Indian citizen resident in the UK whose spouse is a UK citizen. The Schengen visa is free of charge as long as this person is travelling with the spouse.
In this case the Indian citizen is not yet resident in the UK. Contact the French Consulate General at Edinburgh.
#4 Nov 29th, 2017, 07:55
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A non UKP holder has to apply for a schengen visa.
#5 Nov 29th, 2017, 15:04
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As Golghar mentioned, there are different rules for spouses of EU members. The process is shorter (max. 2 weeks), visa is for free and the only proof they need is about the marriage and the visa cannot be rejected if the passport and marriage certificate are fine. They have to travel together.

We did that with my Indian spouse and a visa to Britain and he was not a resident in the EU. (Only Britain speciality: the application was loooong. That would not be allowed in other EU countries.)

Most important is what Golghar writes: Contact the French Consulate General at Edinburgh.

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