Getting French Nationality Certificate (CNF) while in India

#1 Jun 7th, 2018, 10:24
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Hello Friends,

Can someone please guide me on the process of getting my French Nationality Certificate from India?

Current Status:
My mother (born in India) got french nationality from my granny (born in France): 1 year back
My parent got their french marriage certificate 2 months back
I (born in India, current age: 33) want to get CNF (french nationality certificate) to get my french passport.

List of Documents that I have in-hand
1) My mother's French birth certificate
2) My parents French marriage certificate
3) French Family book, that has my mother and father's name included
4) My Indian birth certificate

I refered to this site (given to me by French Consulate Mumbai):

Here I could see that I need to send my documents through post at below address:
30 rue du Château des Rentiers
75647 Paris Cedex 13

Can anyone please tell me if this is possible from India, if I have a local guardian there in Paris? All my maternal relatives are in France.

Please respond, thanks!
#2 Jun 8th, 2018, 13:45
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I don't know about French citizenship specifically, but generally I know a little about Indian and foreign nationality.

Do you have an Indian passport already? India doesn't allow dual nationality, so if you already have an Indian passport, you'll have to apply for French citizenship and renounce your Indian citizenship. Then, immediately, apply for an OCI card, which is a lifelong visa for India.

I'm surprised that the French consulate in Mumbai advised you to send your documents abroad. I would expect that any foreign consulate in India can process passport applications and citizenship within India. It sounds unusual to be asked to send your documents out of one country and to another. But I could be wrong.

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