Father's mother's name in birth certificate

#1 Nov 24th, 2012, 20:50
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I need to apply for passport for my 3 months old sone.
I received his birth certificate but there's slight problem.

My passport contains my middle name as my Father's name.
My wife's passport doesn't contain any middle name.

After delivery, we had filled up our names without any middle names but hospital guys added middle name in my wife's name themselves and sent it to Municipal corporation.
Now the birth certificate doesn't have my middle name but it has middle name of my wife as my first name.

There's no spelling mistake. And my name is endorsed in my wife's passport as spouse. Both our passports have same surname and the same surname is appearing in birth certificate of Son.

Also, my address in passport is different from my wife's passport address. We are planning to get the son's passport in the same address as address on my wife's passport.

Would there be any problem in issuing passport? We need it in 1 month as we are planning to travel abroad.

To correct birth certificate, we need to sign some affidavit and it's going take more than 15 days.

Should we give it a try and apply for passport with current documentation? If they reject it this time, and if I re-apply again with corrected birth certificate what is the risk involved?

Or should I get birth certificate corrected first and then only apply for passport? - if that is unavoidable, i will have to postpone the travel.
#2 Nov 25th, 2012, 09:39
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The name on the birth certificate is not too much of a worry for you. The lack of middle name in your wife's passport and presence of middle name in the son's birth certificate should not create any problems. However for long term peace of mind, it may be a better idea to get the BC changed.

The address you mention in the son's application for passport should be the current address that you are staying at, not necessarily either of your or your wife's passport addresses. If one of them happens to be where you are currently staying for the past year, then good and that is what should go on the application.

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