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Debbiedev Sep 24th, 2016 21:49

Dependent visa for mother
Hi everyone,

I am looking to apply for a dependent visa for my mother. My dad passed away this month and I do not wish to leave her on her own here in Indis as my brother also works in uk. I was wondering if she will be eligible for a dependent visa and what the procedure is to get this done.

My brother is on a British passport with wife and children on it too
I live in the uk with my husband and we are on a PR and our children on British passports
Mother has no property or income here in India. There is a possibility of her inheriting her mothers property at some time.

Please help. Your advice is much appreciated.

Prakaant Sep 25th, 2016 00:27

Yes, your mother is eligible for a dependent visa, and you should visit VFS site to note the procedure.

Nick-H Sep 25th, 2016 00:31

There is no such thing as an Indian "dependent" visa.

Is your family of Indian origin? You should investigate Entry visa and OCI for possible ways to go.

What is the exact basis on which you think your mum should be able to get a visa? That might help people to give a better answer. As it stands, your question is too vague for anything but shots in the dark.

ViShVa Sep 25th, 2016 00:47

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Condolences on the loss of your father, and welcome to IndiaMike, Debbiedev :)

VFS is available here:


Adult dependent relatives
Attachment 85235

Read this fully:

Apply to join family living permanently in the UK

Check Eligibility:


3. Eligibility

To apply for a ‘family of a settled person’ visa, you must be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland.

Your partner or family member must have one of the following:

British citizenship
settlement in the UK
asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK

You must also prove that:

you’re 18 or over, unless you’re applying as a child
your relationship to your family member is genuine and recognised in the UK, eg your marriage is legal in your country
you intend to continue living with your family member or partner in the UK after you apply (unless you’re a parent who has access to the child)
you and your family will have an adequate place to live in the UK
you have a good knowledge of English if you’re 18 or over - unless you’re applying as an adult dependent relative

Your application might be refused if, for example, you’ve:

got a criminal record in the UK or in another country
provided false or incomplete information to the Home Office

Coming to be cared for - you’re an adult dependent relative

You must be dependent on a parent, grandchild, brother, sister, son or daughter who is living permanently in the UK.

You must prove that:

you need long-term care to do everyday personal and household tasks because of illness, disability or your age
the care you need is not available or affordable in the country you live in
the person you’ll be joining in the UK will be able to support, accommodate and care for you without claiming public funds for at least 5 years
you’re 18 or over
The fees for a visa for an "Adult who needs to be looked after by a relative" are: £2,676
Attachment 85237

Dilliwala Sep 25th, 2016 00:51

Not like you to misunderstand posts this early in the night, Nick.

It's all there in the OP's post (not to mention the sub-forum)- she is Indian living in UK, her brother is British living in UK. She wants to take her mother from India to the UK, not vice versa.

Nick-H Sep 25th, 2016 00:55


Not like you to misunderstand posts this early in the night, Nick.
I can misunderstand anything any time! [Blush]

OK, got it now. I was completely confused.


Debbiedev Sep 25th, 2016 22:16

Thanks for your reply everyone. Appreciate it. Will look into it and get back if I need any further questions answered


Nick-H Sep 25th, 2016 22:23

The UK Government's visa and immigration web pages (last time I looked, at any rate) are a model of clarity.

On the other hand, the fees, as quoted by ViShVa above are shocking and make me feel ashamed of my mother country.

ViShVa Sep 25th, 2016 22:26

I don't think they're unjustifiable. The cost of man-hours that will go into scrutinising and validating applications at UK 'Living-Wage' rates would just about cover the fees.

Nick-H Sep 25th, 2016 23:32

How much scrutiny is required would depend on one's point of view. Personally, I'd say that fifty to a hundred quid would be about right. Visa fees are not fixed to cover costs, which are paid for by tax payers anyway. Visa fees are a political tool. Sun readers set UK visa fees and immigration policy. Wait... you know all this already, right? :)


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