Change of spouse name in passport
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Change of spouse name in passport

I need to make correction in my passport and want to know the procedure for it. I have had my wife maiden name included in the passport. Now my wife has included my surname and got change of name. Her passport shows the new name but my passport still has her maiden name. What is the procedure for changing the wife name in my passport? I am unable to get the procedure for this. Please help.

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the procedure would be "reissue the passport, change of personal particulars".

it would be the same as applying for a new passport, just select the appropriate options. If you try the quiz on the passport site, it will give you a list of documents required as well. I am giving a neutral answer, because i am not certain if you have any other changes, and this would be the best way to check for them.

things to note : The new passport will have the same expiry date as your current passport. but you will have to pay the same fees, and undergo the same process, if you were renewing your passport.

if your passport has close to one year's validity left, you should decide if you can wait a bit, in such a case, and get it renewed within one year of pending expiry. helps avoid paying twice for the same thing.

If you are anywhere over two years, and intend to travel, the above mentioned might not be an option for you.

Hope this helps.

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