Applying for Schengen Visa When unemployed? Need Help?

#1 Mar 25th, 2018, 00:53
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Hello Guys,

I'm planning to visit France. But, I'm unemployed at the moment. I've already applied for the visa once and it got rejected.

The documents I've submitted was
1. Cover Letter
2. Accommodation + travel Ticket Proof
3. Bank Statement + ITR
4. Invitation Letter
5. Relieving Letter from the Last Employer
6. Visa Application
7. Travel Insurance.

My Questions is:

1. Can I apply again for the visa within next few days?
2. The New Documents I've is
2.1 My Fathers ITR + Bank Balance + Letter of Return
2.2 My New Joining Letter After the Trip
2.3 Cover Letter
2.4 Accommodation + travel Ticket Proof
2.5 Bank Statement + ITR
2.6 Invitation Letter
2.7 Relieving Letter from the Last Employer
2.8 Visa Application
2.9 Travel Insurance

Will it work do I've to add anything else too?

#2 Mar 25th, 2018, 02:25
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When your application was refused, did they give you any reason?

If not, I guess that whichever country you want to visit will want to know you have sufficient funds for your visit, and that you have a reason to return home.

Not having a job or other reason would probably cause a red flag over your return?

Please note I have no knowledge of any visa procedures.

#3 Mar 25th, 2018, 08:11
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Given the past rejection and the additional status information, I would be surprised if the OP gets much farther in his/her efforts. Depends a bit on the reason for the previous rejection but nothing the OP has said so far suggests he/she would not raise the same flags. If the documents listed speak to the cause of the rejection (e.g. insufficient funds), then the bank statement etc. are relevant. However, if the reason is the insufficient reason to return (likely), then I don't see how any of the potential documents speak to that.

One can always hope...
#4 Apr 4th, 2018, 18:09
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difficult situation. a option is not to file a new visa application but to renew the old one and show supporting documents.its called remonstration.
i don't know of which kind your invitation letter is. if it has been filed by a friend/ relative and covers financial responsibility for you in the case of hospital admittance/responsibility for not disappearing... give it another try with new financial support from your family ( like you mentioned). the person who invited you could also contact the embassy.
don't do hopping to another embassy like " i may try here" as it's all connected. i have seen indians doing and it simply does not work.
if you have already been to europe us or the uk iwould mention it. I'm not a pro in visa filing but this was my experience from the other side.
#5 Apr 4th, 2018, 18:42
Learning... from others' experiences!
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It is not clear, Rakesh, who is sponsoring you and why...

They may ask, why do you wish to visit... They may also like to ascertain, your wish/interest to return

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