Address change and adding spouse name on Passport
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Address change and adding spouse name on Passport


I am quite new to this forum. I have some doubt regarding passport address change.
I have created my passport 4 years ago at my college life, So my passport contains my hostel address. Got married 6 months ago.
Now i want to change my passport address to my permanent location and same time can i include my spouse name on my passport.

But the problem is My wife don't have passport. So what will be the procedure to achieve two objectives.
1]Should i apply for her passport and same time my address change + inclusion of her name.
2] or Can i make her passport first, wait and then include her name on my passport + Address change
3] or I have to apply for 3 different thing sequentially then in that case what will be the sequence of 3 tasks. (her new passport,Inclusion of her name on my PP and address change on PP)
and more thing other than basic certificates and marriage cert do i need to present other docs... then which are those..

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You should apply for your wife's passport, your address change and inclusion of spouse's name in the passport simultaneously. It will save your time.

You would be required to submit birth certificate (if applicable), address proof, Identity proof, proof of educational qualification, Marriage certificate along with completed application form and photographs.
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Address change and addtion of spouse name in passport

I got married couple of years back. My passport was issued in Visakhapatnam. My wife's passport was issued in Guwahati.

I want to include Husband's name in my wife's passport and also get the address changed in both of our passports. The problem is that we do not have anyone staying in Guwahati. We have bought a new apartment in Pune for which the possession is expected in next couple of months.

Please answer the following
1. While in Pune is it possible to change address in passport issued from Guwahati..? Will the pune office accept the request..??
2. Can I also get my name included in my wife' passport..?
3. Will the pune passport office handle such requests where the passports have been issued in different location.
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You can have the address changed to one you are currently staying, so if you want your new pune address to beon the passport, apply a few months after you have moved there.

1. You have to apply in Pune for both your passports address change and spouse name addition.
2. Its not just your wife passport should have your name, Your passport should also have your wifes name.
3. Any RPO will handle a request as long as you are staying currently in the RPO's jurisdiction.
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name change in passport after marriage


i wanted to know how to get my name changed in my passport.
i live in tamilnadu where as my passport was issued in mumbai.
will i get my name changed from tamilnadu passport office.

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Name changed as a result of? Marriage?

You can get the passport updated where you are currently living, irrespective of where the passport was issued. For more read this:


the official passport page at
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Urgent: Please help!

Hi All,

I need advice regarding new passport issue and still have few doubts after going through the thread.

Scenario is as follows:
1. Both I and my wife hold passports issued before our marriage.
2. My Passport expires in Dec 2014
3. My wife's passport expires in 2018
4. My wife's passport contains her maiden name
5. The marriage certificate which we have also mentions her maiden name.

Since my passport will expire in about an year plus my address has changed and spouse name is to be incorporated, so I am planning to get a new passport issued. Now the dilemma I face is:
1. Should I provide my wife's maiden name in my passport? OR
2. Do I need to get my wife's name changed to accommodate my surname in her name and then get her a new passport issued post which I apply for my re-issue of passport containing my wife's changed name? OR
3. Can I simply put my wife's changed named without any requirement for her passport to be reissued (which still has her maiden name plus marriage certificate also has her maiden name)? Will there be any issue?

Please suggest how should I approach since I have really little time to get it processed.

Thanks in advance! :)
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A Woman NEED NOT change her name after marriage and can continue to use her maiden name.

1. Provide her maiden name if that is the name she is currently using (i.e all her documents are in her maiden name, eg bank accounts, PAN, Employement etc). If changed, make the change universal.
2. Not required.
3. A name is unique identity. Use the same name consistently. See 1 above.

Having said that, a passport can be reissued only one year before expiry. So apply after Dec. It may be better to retain her maiden name as the name in use.
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Please help

I got my passport 4 years back.
Currently i am married and i need to join my husband abroad on H4 dependant VISA.
is it mandatory to get my spouse name endorsed in my passport being an H4 dependant?
If yes, my husbands proof of stay(my inlaws address) and my current passport address(my parents address) will be different. Should i get my address also changed?
I dont have any address proof for my new address (not yet added to ration card)
Will this be considered as passport reissue?
If yes how long will it take for the new passport to reach me if all documents are in order?
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No, it (getting spouse name endorsed in the passport) is not mandatory. You should submit a copy of marriage Registration Certificate along with Visa application.

You may use the same old passport and get all the details entered while renewing it on the expiry of the same.
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You need not do any thing with the passport. If you have a Marriage Certificate, you are good to go as far as applying for Visa is concerned.

The Spouse name in passport is a requirement of the Indian Govt to prevent abandonment of spouses in a foreign country. If it is a concern, you may apply for a Address change and Spouse name addition. Your husband's address proof documents/passport would do for address proof.
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Need Help about L1 Queries and adding name of spouse in Passport

Hi Friends..

I am a new member in this forum and having few queries about Indian passport rules.

I am married and me and my wife both having valid passports with different addresses. Both Passport does not have any spouse name endorsement yet. and both have different address.

We are shifted to new city "Ahmedabad" since 3 year but staying as a tenant.
So we don't have a valid address proof for present address. However we have Gas Connection on my wife's name on present address which can be useful for her to have address proof identity.

Passport Expiry Date
For Me : on 2017
For My wife : on july 2014

1) Me as a husband don't have any proof of present address.. Can a Gas Connection on the name of my wife will be considered as a proof?
2) My wife may get L1 Opportunity and process starts may be a visa interview happen on FEB2014. As my wife's passport expiry date is nearer any issues she face on US L1-Visa Interview?
3) Does it requires to add my name as a Spouse Name of Maiden name to be change in her passport? [ as before marriage on all documents she has her father name as a maiden name]
4) Does it requires to add her name as a spouse in My Passport?
5) Do we both need to change the address or just adding spouse name on the old address will be enough?
6) If L1 Visa interview cleared and she get a chance to travel US is it mandatory to change the expiry with Re-Issue Passport by adding or without adding spouse name?
7) If I want to travel as L2 dependent do I required to add her name in my passport or vice versa?
8) If we don't change anything any issue happen in future in US ( if we are able to travel ) ?

Kindly answer the above questions as early as possible as we are in dellima about Visa and Passport details updation as we have very limited time in had if we require to Re-Issue Passport for both. If possible give your contact details so we can call you.

With Thanks,
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1. Yes, spouse address proof works.
2. She anyway needs to get passport renewed, so get it done.
3. Surname does not need to be changed though she is married. She can retain her maiden name and still be married with spouse name mentioned in passport. Retaining the existing name makes life easier. Think it through. You will need a Marriage certificate for adding spouse name and for your US visa if you intend to join wife as spouse.Current address proof has to be provided. If you have been in AHD for 3 years, you are resident there.
4. If you are updating passport, you should get all things done. If you are asking about US visa, they only accept Marriage Certificate as proof of marriage.
5. Passport renewal will happen only with current address printed, though permanent address would be in records.
6. Her passport is about to expire, so get it done. Normally RPO/PSK will insist on adding spouse name and will only accept current address.
7. As mentioned above US only consider marriage certificate as proof of marriage. Indian govt requires spouse name addition in passport.
8. cant say.
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Need help on Name Change+Address Change+Addition of Spouse Name

HI ,

My husband's passport is done some 4 years prior, but some how the entire name has come in the Given Name and nothing in the Surname. Is this fine ? I have heard for US Visa Surname is mandatory and we need this change to be done asap. Please tell me if this mandatory to update ????

If this needs to be modified, 1st question on this is what are documents that needs to be submitted??

Also later to this we have been married from past one year and both our address's are different from the current one.

Please guide me what to do in this case???

Should he apply for "Name Modification+Address Change+Addition of Spouse Name" ???
and Me applying for "Change in address+Addition of Spouse Name" simultaneously ??? Is this possible???
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Yes, it is possible and both of you should apply as you have mentioned.

The mandatory documents would be: substantiating documents of the address(es) where you have lived during last one calendar year, Marriage certificate.

You may also require document to prove your points for the name of your husband.