The naughty deity!

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Lord Krishna, known by many names, was well known for one feature - naughtiness!
Being fond of butter, he would invariably be caught with his hand in the pot containing butter. His mother Yashoda found a way out of this - she would put the pots up in the air, tied with a rope to the ceiling. But would you call the young fellow Krishna if he couldn't overcome this obstacle! He would ask his friends to make a human pyramid and climb that to have a mouthful of his delicacy.
On the occasion of janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday - the celebrations take place in the form of enacting this scene. It is called dahi handi.
Back when we were young, it was a simple event - no glitter and glamour accompanied it. But as with Ganesh Utsav in the times of Tilak - an occasion for people to come together and work for the freedom struggle, the present day dahi handi has also become a show of strength of the local politicians. Lot of music, lights and even laser shows for the masses to loosen their hair and dance for hours before the teams come in to break the pot.
Initially the human pyramids could be 10 - 15 storeyed, upto 50-60 feet high. Often lot of practice would be required to manage such pyramids and yet there would be casualties due to falls, some fatal as well. Supreme court has limited the height to less than 30 ft since the last two to three years. Reduced the casualties but not eliminated them.
The teams that take part in the breaking of the pot are well trained and they move in troops to different dahi handi spots, break or attempt there and move to the next one. Some of the dahi handis have rewards upto 2 to 3 lakhs. (Lucrative, no?).

Some photos from dahi handi in Pune yesterday.

The local politicians.

Dance party!

Lights, music, laser and more!

Another feature of Dahi Handi is the water sprays. Getting the reward cannot be made too simple. So as seen here either the water spray is put on the handi, to make body slippery or else as a pyramid is completed more than halfway, water is thrown from the top of neighbouring buildings to try and off balance the teams trying to reach the handi.

Often to add to the glamour, actors,actresses and well known personalities are roped in to improve the attendance to the event. Often appearance fees in many thousands to lakhs are paid.

As you can see none of the photos show any human pyramids, because these are often allowed late in the night only. Once the dahi handi is broken, the crowd would disperse off - hence the attempts are delayed as much as the organisers can to let the crowd spend more time there.
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Ah, memories..

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