Prepaid SIM with flatrate 3G/GPRS ?
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Prepaid SIM with flatrate 3G/GPRS ?


I am interested in getting a prepaid sim card which offers some type of flatrate or unlimited data connection (3G or even GPRS).

I been looking at sites such as Airtel BNSL etc but do not really understand their rates and services well.

I was hoping that one of you could tell me which company/sim plan to go for. Obviously, I am also interested in reasonably cheap phone calls too ;-)

Many thanks in advance

sorry, i know similar threads have been posted but I really am in need of up-to-date information :)
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Same Same.
Need to use my phone as a modem and anyone who has worked out the best gprs deal will save me hours of research.

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From reading some other very recent postings
Airtel mobile office may well be the one.
I will have a look.

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