Best cellphone provider for Ladakh... Fone / internet ?
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Best cellphone provider for Ladakh... Fone / internet ?

Last time I went I picked up a BSNL connection in Shimla. There are a few more providers to choose from now so I was wondering if anyone could recommend a cell phone network that has good reception in J+K / Ladakh.
I know signal is limited up there but its really the internet access and phone signal I need in Leh.
I also need to buy a dongle so internet access is also important as well.

Arriving in ND and then onto Shimla and then to Leh, taking roaming into account ( if they have it anymore ) , where would be best place to get the sim + dongle ?


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BSNL covers much more of Ladakh, such as larger villages in remote areas. But on any given day it might be not working, and often lies to your callers that you are out of reach or do not exist.

AirTel and AirCel are more reliable but function mainly only in Leh town area.
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Internet dongle / Sim card for Ladakh ?

Thanks NIR.

Anyone else been to Ladakh recently and used a prepaid sim card or a dongle to get an internet connection for a laptop ?

Appreciate the advice as I am heading off tomorrow.


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