Long distance flight with kids

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I am leaving for Mumbai on Sunday. First time going with the kids. Eldest one is 19 months old, youngest one 2 months old. Does anybody have experience/tips for travelling with small kids on a long distance flight? Doc said the main problem will be the pain in the ears at departure and landing time, but personally i think, especially what the eldest one is concerned, is that the main problem will be that he will get very bored and kranky on the plane.
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I travelled with my kids many times. At that age, be warned: you will not fly to India. You will walk to India. Up and down the aisles, over and over again. It is the best way to keep kids happy.
If the two month old is still breast feeding, then nursing during landing and take off will help with the ear aches. The 19 month old will be bored and restless and cannot understand when he has to sit still--particularly during landing and take off.
Don't rely on airplane food. Bring lots of your own. Small boxes of cereal, a banana, your own little cartons of milk, finger foods, etc. will be necessary if there are any flight delays. Some new toys and activities that can be handed out throughout the flight that can keep him attention will be good, too.
Get to the airport in plenty of time so that you can play with him, run him around a lot so that he will fall asleep easily on the plane. You should try to sleep when he sleeps if possible. It takes longer for kids to get over jet lag (because they do not understand the concept that they "should" be sleeping at certain times) so you will find yourself up at odd hours playing with him after getting there
Movies shown in airplanes are often not appropriate for small children--our right scary. Hopefully, because the plane is dark at that time, he will sleep.
I have found that the flight crew on U.S. airlines are mean and snippy to people with kids, but crews on Asian airlines are kind and understanding.

My last flight a month ago had a young couple sitting near by with a baby that screamed the whole flight. I felt so sorry for those people (and the ones sitting right next to them). Generally airplanes are fairly noisy, so a crying baby does not disturb everyone.

Make sure you get a seat at the bulkhead which has a bassinette for the baby, though you can't use it during landing and takeoff.
Bring extra changes of clothing (my kids were such messes I had to often change my own clothes during the flight because they would spill something or throw up on me.)

good luck!!!

(who is leaving for India in 2 weeks and 6 days--with my 17 year old daughter.....wondering what a trip with a teenager will be like...I KNOW the toddler stuff so well!)

p.s. I also want to add to be sure to fly with some baby tylonol or something like that. It can soothe an earache and also make him drowsy.
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I was on a direct flight from Toronto to Delhi, and there were a couple of young children that screamed the entire 14 hour flight.

If it were me, I would have brought my child to the bathroom until he or she would quiet down. If you want to get some sleep and there's a kid that won't EVER shut up...I suggest getting a prescription sleeping pill. It works magic!
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"Make sure you get a seat at the bulkhead which has a bassinette for the baby, though you can't use it during landing and takeoff."
Exactly - my wife managed to get that a couple of years back - and it is just fantastic. You might have to squeeze the airline a bit to get that place.
A bottle for the youngest and maybe a candy for the eldest (or another more healthy chewable) should take care of take off/touch down. We never had problems with our daughter when she was in that age.
But else: good luck - one kid can be hard - two must be a nightmare.
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