Flights from Udaipur to Mumbai?
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Flights from Udaipur to Mumbai?


Does anyone know what airlines would do the above route?

If not what is the easiest way to get between the two after doing some extensive travels through Rajathan and not wanting to sit on another bus at that point?

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leads to the result that there is a flight on Tuesdays to Mumbai at 20:30. It's flight IC7471. It's probably outrageously expensive. If you can get yourself to Ahmedabad you'll find a cheap seat on Air Deccan no problem. They have two flights daily to Mumbai from there.
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Or Jet Airways

You can also fly by Jet Airways ( ),, where you can book these tickets directly.

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The rail option :

Udaipur(19=45) to Ahmedabad(04=10) by Delhi-Ahmedabad Express.

Ahmedabad(04=55) to Mumbai(12=50) by Karnavati Express. This train does not run on Wednesday.
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