Chennai to Varanasi?
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Chennai to Varanasi?

Anyone ever flown direct from Chennai to Varanasi? Is it possible? How about Agra? I've heard you have to go to Dehli first.

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Both Jet Airways and Indian Airlines do not have direct flights from Chennai to Varanasi .

You do have to go to Delhi and change flights.
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Thank You, duly noted.
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Jet Airways

On weekdays you can get the following flights: -

Flight 9W822 departs Chennai at 0645 and gets to Delhi at 0930.


Flight 9W333 departs Delhi at 1040 and gets to Varanasi at 1150.

Total Airfare (including taxes) US$ 405.00 for a single.

Indian Airlines timings are worse (over 3 hours in Delhi) and I couldn't get a US$ fare.

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