ahem! Delhi Airp't Scanner > Naked Image
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ahem! Delhi Airp't Scanner > Naked Image

Delhi airport’s electronic eye will strip you nakedcool:
Praveena Sharma
Thursday, November 16, 2006 23:12 IST

A spokesman for the Central Industrial Security Force said it had mooted the plan to install the body scanner at Delhi airport. Only a shadow image would be produced, he said, and the equipment would be operated by members of the same sex. The scanner, he added, would be more ethical than feeling up people to frisk them."

"The machine will be installed at Terminal 2, international departures"

who wants to put money that some of these 'images' will end up as SMS/MMS...through cell phones...from some of these security folks.?:rolleyes:

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i'd much prefer the german women that felt me up in frankfurt last year.
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I just wish they don't make it. else, airport security will have another business to run (mms)
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Originally posted by: Shaktipaloozai'd much prefer the german women that felt me up in frankfurt last year.

.. but not the American lady in Baltimore, who insisted that I remove my belt, disregarding my protests that my pants may fall off.
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All departures at Delhi International Airport will be delayed as we are currently hjaving problems with printing the pictures we made.;)

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