Where do I find...
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Where do I find...

... a good photo equipment store in Delhi?

They don't seem to be listed in the Yellow Pages (or anywhere else), does anyone have a clue?


- Line :-)

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i just had some film developed at the Rangoon Photo shop on janpath, across from the india/tibet market. (also, for the record, there is a working ATM there, as of december 28th) - i didn't really look at gear (i was too busy trying to help them run my credit card through effectively!), but i did notice that there were several photo supply/development shops on that strip. it's a good place to start.

i don't know the address, but, like i said, it's on janpath, across from the tibet market, on the same side as the mcdonald's.

good luck!
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Great help, - thanks a lot!

Happy New Year!

- Line :-)
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Another good option (found on this site, thanx guys) is the Maidanjee area in Chandi Chowk , opposite the Red Fort. Bought a lens and film there. My guess would be that you have a better chance at striking bargains here than in the dead center of Delhi.
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Try Delhi Photography, Chandi Chowk or SV Photographic. Alternatively take a wander around Connaught Circus, there are plenty there. Two years ago I bought a second hand mint condition Nikon FM2 from Delhi Photography for 175 UK Pounds, which was a big saving for me and the camera is still going strong.
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try the kodak shops...what exactly do you want to buy ?
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Vistet, IainC, archits... thanks a million guys, this is really a great help :-)

I don't plan to spend *too* much time in Delhi, especially not looking for shops...

Archits, I'd like to buy EVERYTHING that goes with a Nikon D-100 ;-) Well, a Micro Nikkor 105mm. f/2.8, Nikkor AF-D 14mm. f/2.8, Nikon teleconverters and extension tubes, pola- and closeup filters, a light tripod... I believe that sums it up. Depending on the grey market price, Sigma might be an alternative.

Wow, I'm sure looking foreward to get on that plane and leave -21 0C and 1,5m snow behind... :-)

- Line :-)

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