Republic Day? Would you?
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Republic Day? Would you?

Sorry I realise we have touched on this in other threads but I just want to take a bit of a poll.

Would you guys take your 13 year old (of you had one) to watch the Republic Day Parade - we will be in Delhi that day.

I HATE to be paranoid about the T-word, and I try not to (I wouldn't be going to India at all if I was REALLY paranoid) - but has anyone heard any rumblings about potential dramas at the parade? Is it a political or politically controversial type of thing? Would it be a target for some kind of silly action - particularly with what's going on at the moment.

Feel free to jump all over me, I just hate the thought of being caught in some kind of panic or stampede of people if something happens!

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According to my wife it is very much worth seeing. Just don't fly on any airlines any more (because of the T word)..
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Target, yes. Thing is, everybody knows that, so security will be tight.

Like all such parades, it is a statement, more a National one than political. It is not controversial.

There have been no incidents in Delhi at the parade.

On balance, yes, I would take my 13 year old, if I had one.
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No- but not because I think it would be too risky to attend security wise - but more because I've always disliked parades - especially as a kid, with memories of viewing the entire proceedings through somebody's armpit or purse loop. And for some reason it was always stinking hot or unbearable cold watching those events. Also Indians are wonderful people ... however abiding to that queueing/lines thing, mandatory with parade protocol, is not one of their better skills. Better to do something less congested and catch the highlights on TV.:D
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Every single politician that matters would be present at the parade including the president, vice-president, Prime-minuter, Sonia Gandhi, opposition leader, Cheif of all three forces and list goes on...and also head of state of some other nation...

if they all can feel at that location then we sure can..!!
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I have gone a couple of times. Often when i was a kind and then escorted my younger cousins a few times.

The place is safe but a nightmare with respect to parking, dust, crowds , pushing and shoving... unless you can get hold of a "vip " pass it can be quite a physical effort.... a TV broadcat wont suffice ? :-)


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Well - I wouldn't go TO Delhi especially for the parade, but we are already there ... seems like you'd almost have to do it?? Where would a VIP pass get you? Right in the line of fire..probably.:D

PS If you're taking your cousins - let me know, we could meet up.
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Getting a pass is the real thing and with out that it is difficult to get a good place. We Delhites mostly watch the telecast.
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Sorry for my ignorance, but Republic Day is 26th January, right? The same day as Australia Day. Kristin, pretend to be an Aussie dignitary, and see what you can come up with. ;)
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you'r bang on with that one..right in the line of fire.

I definitely wont be taking my cousins this time and the chances of me going are pretty slim unless i get a VIP pass, which i am too lazy to do anything about.... we can , nevertheless, still meet up if you are inclined.
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Maybe I should give the Aus embassy a ring? Who could I be.......
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Well, i really dont know who you "could be" ,i dont know if the embassy could help non - government officials with this kind of a thing. I know for a fact they would be getting invites but it would probably be limited to sr. officials.

Incidentally, FYI, tickets for the seats go up for sale normally a month , month and a half before the parade. Unfortuantely they are not available for booking online (unless they do that this time around). Appears that they are 2 segments - 300 Rs and 150.
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Originally posted by: kristinm View Post

Maybe I should give the Aus embassy a ring? Who could I be.......

You're a member of IndiaMike! They'll fold easily! :D
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Puchoo - I meant which important person could I pretend to be... I bet they throw a good party on Australia/Republic Day.. Now doesn't that have a nice ring to it (OT) Perhaps its an omen that next Australia day might also be Republic Day!
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I know

I know what you meant.... what i meant to say was that i dont know who you could pretend to be.... Kylie Minogue? :rolleyes: