Republic Day
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Republic Day

I was reading about Republic Day on another site and it said there is a big parade and celebration. I get into Delhi on 20 January and was curious if it would be worth it to hang around to see it. What all goes on? What is it like?


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It's big. Watch "Dil Se."
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Even the military parade is worth watching...not for the might of fire power but the sheer precision, discipline, full uniforms and well-orchestrated movements. Besides you can watch the world's only surviving camel cavalry in the march past.

Apart from the military, it is one parade which showcases entire India's diverse ethnicity.

Definitely worth a watch.

2 days later, the Beating The Retreat is held at the Raisina Hill...also worth a watch.
...and I took the road less travelled.
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tickets for the parade

anyone know where to get the tickets for republic day parade? what do the tickets allow entry to? what can you do without tickets? how close can you get to the parade? I can't wait, but need some more info!!
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I have seen this parade very closely from VIP stand in my school days. and several years on TV, This is worth to watch.

You have to sit on the stand depending upon your ticket. if your stand is close to V1 or V2(VIP, reserved for minister, guest, ambassadors)you can see the folk dance and other items played by school children too. Otherwise you can take a glimpse of full parade.

Tickets(Rs 300,150 and 50,10) will be generally available after 9 Jan and can be bought from Delhi tourism departments, Govt offices and various other location.

here is the announcement for ticket sale
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...and what if you don't want to see the parades?? extreme displays of patriotism aren't my cup of tea. its a national holiday so does that mean that all the markets, shops and restaurants are closed in delhi on 26th?
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Shops might open in the afternoon, restaurants will remain open but may not serve alcohol. There will be severe traffic restrictions during the parade. Watching it on TV is a good idea.
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There are lively floats in the parade with themes depicting the vibrant hues of the states of India.
There are colorful folk dances from different states.
Elephants and Camels parading down the Raj Path give a distinctive feel to the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi.
If you happen to be in Delhi, might as well watch the parade.
If Rajpath is too crowded and inaccessible, see the parade at Tilak Bridge, Tilak Marg, ITO, Delhi Gate, Daryaganj, Jama Masjid or at the Red Fort.
Celebrations are held across the country in all the state capitals.
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Next republic day - 08

I just realised we will be in Delhi NEXT Republic Day (08) - A few questions.. We have our son (13) with us - will it just be TOO big, scary and crowded??? Does it get out of control or is it a nice crowd? We could do a day trip to Agra that day if Delhi is too much.... Are the celebrations only in Delhi? I also hate to be ridiculous, but I will... Do people think there is a higher risk of some sort of bomb or something that day in Delhi? I wonder if the Taj would be open? I wonder if we could book tickets for the parade - would that be better?

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