Prepaid cab from IGI Airport
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Prepaid cab from IGI Airport

I noticed last week in Delhi that once you have booked your pre-paid taxi from the arrivals hall and have found a taxi, all taxis are stopped by police, and the drivers ID and the passenger's destination are noted. Then the police had a Traffic Complaint Card to the passengers, which you can send in to the traffic police if you have any complaints. You can use this for complaints about any taxi or bus in Delhi.
This being India, the list of complaints you can select on the card are interesting:
- misbehaviour by driver
- refusal to take to destination
- faulty metre
- overcharging
- dangerous driving
- too many passengers
- playing music or using pressure horn (!)

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Looks like they missed out :

- Impromptu shoping trips
- Full knowledge of all the Hotels that have CLOSED down
- Actually NOT knowing where their destinatioin is but carrying on anyway

I'm sure there are many more.. how many pages are these 'complaint' cards

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Originally posted by: butterball
- Actually NOT knowing where their destinatioin is but carrying on anyway

That one's my favorite. The best part is that you always do end up getting wherever you are going. Even if it takes several stops, two phone calls and more than an hour. And maybe even an extra cycle rickshaw wallah to take you those last 300 steps before you get completely and utterly lost. Pretty close. Ah Delhi.
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Prepaid taxis

Am heading into Delhi airport via the usual late night flight on 2 November. Are the prepaid taxis as bad as they are reputed to be? Am heading to Defence Colony, and I do believe my guesthouse may be able to offer a transfer. But more than once I have found that my transfers get lost and do not locate me at the airport.
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You sound like you know what your doing, so the Taxi thing isn't a problem!! Get your prepaid voucher and keep until arrival any shennigans from the driver just be polite and firm!! You tell him whats happening not the other way around but really it's not that bad!!
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Hi George,

I don't know who tolds you the prepaid taxis are so bad. I've never got any problem with them. They are cheap compared with other pickups and of course do not give the voucher until the end of the traject and do not discuss about the place you are going. Some times is better to get a hotel transfer but normally in Delhi quickest way is by prepaid taxi.

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Delhi domestic airport - prepaid taxi booth


I am sure the information is already here somewhere but I can't find it.

Where is the prepaid taxi booth at Delhi domestic arrival terminal?

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I don't know about domestic airport but I don't think you'll have any trouble locating it. Just ask anyone or people at the help desk for pre paid taxi counter.
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Its inside arriving hall itself.

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Pre Paid Taxi

I will be arriving in Delhi in December at midday and staying in Paharganj. The hotel will do a pick up for 500 Rs. I will be travelling with wife and two children. Should we get a pre paid taxi from the airport to Paharganj or pay the extra and get the hotel to pick us up?
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The hotel pickup usually charges for the car to go and come back to the airport so it is always cheaper to go with the prepaid taxi from the airport and it is never that expensive if you take the government run taxi booth and not the private taxi operators who also charge a similar amount as your hotel charges for the hotel pick up. The only advantage with the hotel pick up is that you will not have to search for the hotel if you are on your own!!! Hope this helps.

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we always take the Hotel taxi as it's hectic at the airport and you wont need hassels with kids along, all it will cost is about $1AUD more if that and someone wiull be there with a sighn with your name on it, much easier than the taxis outside who will be pushing to get the fare even at the pre paid its a mad house, where are you staying at?
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To be honest pre-ordering a hotel pick up does not guarantee anything. I had arranged that by not only email but by phone with a fairly good hotel (Hotel Good Times in Karol Bagh) and they still didn't show up. My first frustration on my first trip to India.

So the decision is yours - if you find that they are not there (probably in the early hours of the morning like my situation) - getting a pre-paid taxi from the government booth is very easy (and not letting any random person tell you they have a taxi - make sure you give your ticket to the right person and don't let anyone else carry your bags other than you - even if they try to grab your bag - say NO very firmly and ward them off). The difference in money between a hotel car and and a pre-paid at the airport is neither here nor there.

When in the taxi, don't give out too much information about your plans and make it very clear that your hotel is already booked and you have just called them and they are there (i.e. not closed down as the driver may want you to believe) and are expecting you to walk through their doors within the next hour! Also make them believe you are a regular visitor to India and you know exactly what you are doing (even if you don't!!!)

If you read the first day's entry in my travelogue you will see what happenned to me on the taxi mix-up on arriving at Delhi airport!

have fun!

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I can't speak for hotel Relax but I've used a pick up service 7 times now and have never been let down!!
It's a hassle free introduction to India and great to know that your bed is ready and waiting!!
Prepaid taxis are cheaper (understandably so, a Hotel taxi has to drive out there, pay the parking and perhaps spend a couple of hours cooling his heels waiting for you to appear!!) but you always run the risk of getting a bit of hassle from these guys wanting to earn by suggesting Hotels for you. Now this isn't serious and it's easily deflected, after all you hold the coupon, without this said driver doesn't get paid!! If you make it clear that the receipt stays in your pocket until you arrive at YOUR hotel of choice the problem usually sizzles out.
Personally I prefer the pick up these days I don't have to think about all this stuff.
I do wish Delhi police would clean the taxi situation up a bit at the Airport, these guys have to have Airport licenses if they are found to be scammimg tourists, then they should lose their license instantly after all there are hundred of honest taxi driver who fill their place!! While they're at it maybe they could get rid of the touts on the stairwell leading to the tourist cell in New Delhi Train Station.
These two things are a blight on tourist's experience of Delhi, which is after all a major gateway for tourist coming to India and it really is time the problems were dealt with!!
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Cost of Prepaid Taxi


What is the cost of a pre-paid taxi from Delhi International Airport to Paharganj at the moment? I have got an offer from Anoop hotel for 420 Rs...


Greetings, Mio