Old Delhi Train Station
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Old Delhi Train Station

We are catching the Jammu Mail (4033 train) to Chakki Bank from the "Old Delhi" station, does anyone know if there is luagge storage at this station? We're flying in from Mumbai and have about a four hour layover in Delhi.

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I do not know but...

If this is an evening train (I think it is), be aware that traffic towards the Old-Delhi railway station is a problem.
I once had to beg rickshaw drivers to take me there, and they just refused. After trippling the price, I found the adventurous young cycle-rickshaw walla to take me, and yes, it was terrible.
I made it at the very last second, as the train was already in motion, after almost turning to the wring train (always ask a few people for directions and wait for 3 consecutive identical answers).
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hmm, don't know why someone can't answer your question re: left luggage at Delhi station -- I can't say with 100% assurance that there is because I haven't used it myself, but I would be *very* surprised if there wasn't as this is a very major station.
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I have not used the station myself, but a friend assures me he saw a left luggage sign in the station a couple of months ago.

Also, I agree with -m2-, I would be very surprised if there was not one there.
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Anyone know if there is left luggage at "Delhi Cantonment" train station?
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While you're there look for the Genesha Temple at the end of one of the platforms. It's under train level, so can only be seen when there is no train there. I don't know which platform it is however....

Getting there.....

Leave lots of extra time, the roads on the way there are crap.
Roll on the Old Delhi Metro Connection.
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