martial arts in south Delhi

#1 Apr 2nd, 2009, 18:32
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My friend and I (both female) are hoping to find somewhere where we can learn Karate/ Kung Fu/ Judo or similar in south Delhi. We are completely new to it and so would consider pretty much any martial art, we just want to learn some self defence and improve our fitness, etc etc..

If anyone can recommend anywhere, or anyone, we'd be grateful - beginners classes, and/or women-only classes would be ideal.
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MARTIAL ART ACADEMY OF INDIA, Monday - Friday, 10 am to 4pm. phone at 011-20251278
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Are you really interested in karate/kung fu/judo etc?
That is serious stuff and needs a lots of dedication and time.
Why don't you start with some stretching and fitness exercises that will improve fitness & reflexes and increases stamina.
Anyway thats what they do in martial arts begining classes.
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I learn Krav Maga and it is the best and most practical form of self defense available. It has no rules, no complex katas , doesnt need great physical strength and flexibilty . Its purely for survival.

Vicky Kapoor , chief of Indian Krav Maga Federation teaches in Delhi , i dunno which place , you can google and find out easily. There are two classes on the weekends and the rest of the days you can go to gym conditon your body , increase your strength and stamina. Remember Krav Maga aint any sport or martial arts , its just in your face street defense.

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For karate I second rajered's advice, these guys are serious and teach it the way it's supposed to be done. Note, however that with karate the focus is not on fighting but on development of the right technique/self control/mindset/lots of kata training. All the rest comes from that if you train seriously, when attacked the right response will then come automatically. If you want a quick and practical self defense course, karate is not for you. As chaz says, it takes A LOT of time and dedication if you want to do things right, definitely not a 1 course/2 hour per week affair.
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