How long should two females stay in Delhi if we only have 20 days India&10 days Nepal
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How long should two females stay in Delhi if we only have 20 days India&10 days Nepal

Just wondering how long we should be spending in delhi in dec/jan (arriving end of december and staying in india for approx 20 days and nepal 10 days). Obviously there is a heap to do because it is a large city but are there other places we should be spending more time as a priority?

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks heaps!;)

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Delhi is great for train reservations and for shopping. You could take care of that stuff, take the city tours (I think there might be two of 'em) and then get out of town. It's a big, dirty, noisy capitol city and is not the best of "real India"

If you're leaving from New Delhi, do your shopping then. There are emporia from almost every state of India just off Janpath; no bargaining, and mostly very nice goods.
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Much as I have grown to like Delhi, I wouldn't really recommend that you spend much time there, especially as you have only 20 days. I advise you spend just enough time there to make your onward travel arrangements and as wonderwomanusa says a day at the end, before you fly home, to do some shopping or sight seeing.

India has so much to offer that the problem will be fitting as much in as you think you can handle. If you are not planning to take internal flights then you should consider taking fast trains and express buses or, if you can afford it, hiring your own taxi. Travelling on India's congested roads can be very slow at times and you could spend a fair part of your holiday travelling.

If you could give us an idea of roughly what you are interested in doing and seeing I'm sure you will get plenty of advice from members on this forum.
What a long strange trip it's been! :confused:
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Spend a day taking the guided city tour - you will get a feel for the history of the city !

As the others say - there is more to India worth seeing.

Train tickets etc..use namaste tours here for a quick booking !
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I agree with everyone else - don't spend a lot of time in Delhi. Yes, do your shopping there, though. We were three gals in Delhi and spent most of our time "Janpath" shopping before we left for home. Do swing by Rajghat, Mahatma Gandhi's cremation site. At Rajghat, don't let the dude make you pay for shoe storage - we were the only "foreigners" there at the time and whilst Indian tourists picked up their shoes and left without paying, there was a feeble attempt to extract rupees from our pockets.

India Gate could only be seen from the street in early July as they had the whole area blocked off due to terrorist threats (per our hotel staff).
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I agree, as little as possible. I really hated the place with a passion. I had to spend 3 days there and felt by the end that i hated India. Was so pleased when i got out of there that i glued my train ticket to shimla in my journal as a memento of how happy I was. Also as there are 2 girls you will get a load of crap. GET OUT!
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I have a suggestion that I THINK may be possible.

Spend the night you arrive in Delhi. Wander Connaught Circle and the Janpath the first day. Spend the second night in Delhi. Wake up, take the City Tour. Spend the third night in Delhi, Wake up VERY early and take the fast tourist special train to Agra (can't remember the name of the train). At the Agra station, there will be a "tourist bus" that provides a comprehensive tour of the sights -- Taj, Red Fort, Fatepur Sikri. Do NOT bother staying in Agra. Get a car and driver from any travel agency and drive directly to Bharatpur. Stay in a hotel just outside the gates of the bird sanctuary, truly a magnificent must-see if the painted storks are roosting. Wake up at dawn for the best viewing and take a boat trip on the waters. That afternoon, or the next morning, leave for Jaipur by car/driver or train or bus or... Can someone help us out here with transportation?

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5 minutes would be plenty! Not a good intro to India - lots of hassles and guys trying to rip off unwary pale faces! Get a train /plane out asap - just about anywhere in india is nicer. Maybe have a day at the end just to buy stuff - youll feel more confident by then.
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Sorry to hear about all the awful warnings you are getting about Delhi. Most travellers dont seem to realise what a great city it is. Go to New Delhi train station and cross the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the traks and you will be on the edge of the old city. Then get a cycle rickshaw to the Jamma Masjid (Friday Mosque) and go to Karim's Restaurant for a superb Indian meal. If you like it you can then explore the rest of the old city - guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Travel through the old city by cycle rickshaw is the best, you are above the hassles of the streets and mooving slowly through the traffic so you have time to take in the sights. The LP Delhi is excellent for this.

Delhi has lots of excellent restaurants - comparatively cheap - check them out.

Also as women the most important thing is that you dress appropriately - this will reduce hassles.

Good luck
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Delhi is a great place if you have previously spent time in India
But you ussually just end up passing through and waiting to get tickets
be aware you may have to hang around for availability
My advice would be to leave as soon as ...You'll kind of appreciate it more at the end of you trip

Jaipur is 5 hours by bus or take the early train to Agra next day and then head onto Jaipur for Amber fort then over to Pushkar
Commercialised but still special
If you go to Pushkar remember to pay for puja to get your red thread on your wrist once you ahve this the doors open

Delhi ...on such a short visit ...Don't waste more time than you have to

Have a ball and dont freak in the first 5 minutes it is a riot on the senses
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well, I have to get my 2 annas in . . .

the best things about Delhi for me are shopping, the railway booking, and Humayun's tomb.

Shopping is best done right before you depart India, unless you need some stuff for your trip, that's out.

The RR office in Paharganj seems to be able to get sleepers same day for most trains, but the service is slow.

aA for Humayun's tomb, and the neighboring Purana Qila fort, they are, in my opinion, absolutely indespensible, especially if you are visiting the Taj, (Who doesn't? ) Google some pix, it's amazing!

You'll be fine . . .

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Thanks everyone, this is all great information!
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If you like architecture, stamps or have a favorite book agent hang around a few days. Otherwise its an expensive. hard, big city. I have a place to stay which is a major cost saver but it also has some tragic personal memories for me so I don't stay long. The south ruins are far better that the north stuff they usually push at you (Red Fort, etc.). You can get world class food and also smashing cultural events if you can get in the loop. They may have a monthly Delhi guide magazine..

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