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Delhi - where to purchase a . . .

hi all

i'm in delhi now, and need some help . . .

can anyone suggest a place in delhi where i can purchase a computer mouse?
i have an apple powerbook and need a mouse (USB compatible)

any suggestions would help! (also, any idea of price?!?)

also, how about a "good" pharmacy?
i know there's no cvs, eckerds, walgreens around the corner . . . but what about things like hair product and deodorant?

normally, i wouldn't care about most of this stuff (save for the deodorant!), but part of my 6 weeks in country is 1.5 weeks business . . . and i've lost the only thing (a paste/clay type thing) that works in my hair and doesn't make me look like a total nut-job just-woke-up zombie!

thanks all!

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Hi Staceytj,

It would be easier to suggest where to get these things if we knew the area of Delhi that you're in. But in general, for a computer mouse your best option would probably be a good stationery store. This is assuming you're not going to Nehru place, which is the huge market for all things computer-related, but is not really where you want to be wondering around looking lost, and is largely wholesale.

For deodorant you can go to any chemist shop. Don't expect a huge selection, but they'll have a few kinds.

For hair product, it depends on what you need, but you should look in one of the nicer markets like GK1, or one of the malls, where you'll find various body & hair products including some imported items, as well as new shops like The Body Shop, and some more local herbal product shops. Even from a shop like FabIndia now you can find nice soaps and moisturizers.

Good luck.
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Go to Nehru Place in south Delhi for your requirements of computer peripherals.

As for deodarants, I feel foolish trying to answer that one.

Lemme give it a try.

How can you expect to buy a decent deo in a starving poverty stricken chaotic smelly third world country?

Maybe you could try
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???? Sanjay Paharganj carrys many major brands, though some are fake!!

Are you being sarcastic???
Sanatana Dharma
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Stacey, sounds like you might want to try going to that mall- Ansel (Ansal?) Plaza. There is a store that sells mac (computer)stuff, and upscale stores that have foreign brands. There is a kiosk that is cheaper than the actual store, so shop around a bit. You will pay more here but it will be familiar. As for hair products, try GK1 or 2, but I think GK1 has more of a selection. I was shocked at the prices of western hair care stuff, but from the quanties, there is clearly a market for them.
Good luck.
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Hi stacey,
you can get apple products in ansal plaza,but if you want any other computer equipment,go to nehru place,the largest asian market for compuetr parts.In Shoppers's stop you can getany damn brand you want as far as cosmetics,deos and perfumes are concerned.

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