Day trips from Delhi

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Hi Guys

as I've previously posted my husband and I will be in Delhi and Rajasthan in November this year. We've been trying to work out our itinerary and were wondering what places are possible as day trips from Delhi Agra, obviously (and we're already sorted to go there), but distances have me a bit confused and I'd like some help/ advice as you guys are all so knowledgeable about these things.

Thanks and Cheers!

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Jenny, there are no answers to your question, at least not without a lot more information from you.

It could be argued that Agra (& Fatehpur Sikri) would be very difficult to do in a day trip from Delhi, as there is a lot more to see in Agra than the Taj.

Mathura would make a great day out from Delhi, but some people could spend three days in Mathura and the surrounding area.

Same could be said for Bharatpur.

There are many places within a few hours of Delhi, but a day trip would not do them justice.

Likewise, you need to tell people what places you're planning to see once you leave Delhi.

You also need to explain things that you would like to see and do, what kind of budget you have and what mode of transport you plan to use.

I am awake and ready for the day by 5 in the morning, but would be happy to arrive back in a city at midnight, others would think I'm crazy to suggest getting a train at 05:30.

The quality of a reply often reflects the thought that goes into the question, a person doesn't mind typing away for hours if they think the info will be useful, if they have no way of knowing if the info will be useful, they don't type.

Please don't think I'm having a go at you, I'm not, but think about it from the other persons point of view, a person that doesn't know you, or the things that may interest you.
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Steven- you're right, I should have made things a bit clearer. I'll blame my muddleheadedness on a severe lack of sleep (smoke alarm went off for about 10 seconds at 3:30am this morning- searched for fire, didn't find one but there was no way I was able to go back to sleep after that )

What we're actually doing (due to limited time) is a couple of Intrepid tours (a 15 day one trhough Rajasthan, including Pushkar during the camel fair, Agra, Jaipur, etc and then a 4 day cooking one based in Delhi itself). Before and between these 2 tours we've got a couple of spare days in Delhi and we were wondering what the best things to do with them were (probably a day or 2 before the first tour and 3 or 4 days between the 2). The budget we've got isn't huge, and the type of things we'd be looking at are many and varied- museums, palaces, forts, temples, mosques, etc (I guess you could say the typical tourist type things).

I guess I was trying to find out what the best places to see/ things to do in Delhi itself are and whether it would be feasable to go a bit futher afield from Delhi. Car and driver, train- the mode of transport really doesn't matter and getting up early really isn't a problem. We might be able to stretch things a bit (depending on budget and time off work) so we can take an overnight trip somewhere from Delhi.

I know that's still only really basic info and that I am asking very vague questions. I have done quite a few searches on past threads but there is soo much info that I was hoping to whittle it down a bit to maybe the "must sees" in and around Delhi.

Thanks muchly for your time guys

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Day trips - Delhi

Bharatpur is all dried up and the migratory birds are ending up on the table as dinner for the starving villagers there and in other places where the migatory birds are trying to find water.
If you go further south to Gwalior, the Sound and Light show there is worthwhile and definately a full day trip to Orcha.

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