Best place.s to stay??
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Best place.s to stay??

:) :) we are planning a trip to see the taj mahal then flying down to travandrum and ooty has anyone any comments on the places to stay GURGAON / MUSSOORIE/ BHIMTAL/ PARWANOO/ SHIMLA just not sure out of these places to use while we are visitng the taj:confused: :confused: any advice well appreciated
cheers mikkie:)

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look in special places to stay
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Mikkie, Your post has me COMPLETELY CONFUSED !! Could you pls elaborate a bit more about ur itinerary as you mentioned Taj - Trivandrum - Cochin as your intended route , so why wud you wanna know about places to stay in Gurgaon, Bhimtal, Parwanno , Simla ...

To give you a perspective ... Gurgaon is as good as Delhi .. BHimtal is in a totally diff direction from Delhi as compared to Parwanoo and simla ... Also Parwanoo has nothing worth seeing for you wanting to stay there -- simla is a few hours drive from parwanoo so its always recomended to go straight to Simla and try sleeping thru Parwanoo unless you wanna see traffic ... lol


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