Lava, Lolegaon, Rishyap

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Last holi we had visited Lava, Rishyap and Lolegaon. I am sharing our tour details below:

We are five friends. We were planed for Lava, Lolegaon and Rishyap tour in holi (24/03/2016 - 27/03/2016) time. In January (17/01/2016) suddenly we had planed it. As soon as we planed start searching in IRCTC. Unfortunately there was a huge WL on 22/03/2016 as 23/03/2016 is Dolyatra. So we booked 5 RAC [Sleeper Class] (Later it was confirmed) tickets of 23/03/2016 night in Kolkata-Dibrugarh express and 5 WL [Sleeper Class] (Later it was confirmed too) of Tista-Torsa from NJP of 27/03/2016.

After that we were looking for hotels. So we did some googli and collect information from who had already visited those place. Then we tried to book west bengal govt. resort.

For west bengal govt. resort below web site is very much help full.

Unfortunately there is no govt resort in Lolegaon. And no one can book govt Lava resort from this website. And in Rishyap there are lots of private hotels/resort which are collaborate with govt. And any one can book Rishyap hotels online through this web site.

So we booked two double bedded rooms (Rs. 1200.00 each. Room No. 202, 203) in Resort Sonar Tari, Rishyap for one day (25/03/2016). And an extra bed in one room which cost Rs.100 extra. Resort Sonar Tari, Rishyap is the best budget hotel in Rishyap. From this hotel we have 180 degree view of hills. The hotel itself a view point. We don't have any other room on that time. I suggest any one to book room no. 201 in 2nd floor. And if you are looking for three bedded room then first start with room no. 301. Rooms and bathrooms were neat and clean. Below is some of the images of Resort Sonar Tari, Rishyap.

Resort Sonar Tari, Rishyap:

Next we booked two double bedded room of West Bengal Govt. Lava Resort offline. Any one can check room availability from So we booked it from west bengal forest development office. West bengal forest development office located in Salt Lake, Kolkata, just beside Amri Hospital Salt Lake. As it was a pick season we only have two Quercus room available. So we booked Quercus 2 and Quercus 3 (Rs. 900 each) for one day (24/03/2016). No extra bed is required. Difference between Lepcha/Hill Myna and Quercus is room size and Almirah. There is no almirah in Quercus and room size is little bit low. But the rooms & bathrooms were neat and clean. And all the huts were situated inside a forest view which is fabulous. From the main gate we had a walk of 100 mtrs below for the room. Below is some of the images of Lava Resort, West Bengal Govt..

Lava Resort, West Bengal Govt.:


As there is no govt hotel or resort in Lolegaon, we booked (for 26/03/2016) Lovely Resort Lolegaon from there B.B.D Bag office (As there is no online booking available). I suggest every one never book Lovely Resort Lolegaon. You don't have a minimum service there. Room rate of double bedded room in Lovely Resort is Rs. 1050 per day + tax. As a look it looks OK but no water supply, no receptionist, bad food quality. On that pick season we are the only persons on that hotel. Even if when we were made lunch in some different hotel they also made joking with lovely resort service. They asked us "ki khelen kal rate? khabar chilo oder kichu?" (What did you ate last night? Did they have any food?). And the blankets are very dirty and with vomiting smell in it.
Below is some of the images of Lovely Resort, Lolegaon..

Lovely Resort, Lolegaon.:

Lovely Resort, Lolegaon, Reception with No Receptionist

So all the booking had been done. Now its time for Lava, Rishyap, Lolegaon....

In my next thread I will describe our tour details with sight seeing, food and transport details
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Arup, Welcome to India Mike!

Instead of posting you were required to paste to make the first image visible.

And so on...
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Thanks for the suggestion
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Resort Sonar Tari, Rishyap:

Lava Resort, West Bengal Govt.:


Lovely Resort, Lolegaon.:

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Resort Sonar Tari, Rishyap:

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Attached Images
IMG_20160325_061448.jpg DSCN3496.jpg 2016-03-24 14.25.11.jpg 
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Lava Resort, West Bengal Govt.:

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Name:  2016-03-24 15.09.23.jpg
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Lovely Resort, Lolegaon:

Name:  2016-03-26 15.30.03.jpg
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Lava Tour

So our journey begins on 23/03/2016 night from Kolkata station in Kolkata-Dibrugrah express. Next day morning we reached New Jalpaiguri near about 9 am. First we were looking for share car but as it was holi availability of cab was very less. Basically most of the time NJP/Siliguri to Lava share car availability is very much less then Darjeeling/Gangtok. So we were looking for a reserved car. One car driver charged Rs. 5000 from NJP-Lava which is too huge. Another one told that he can drop us by Rs. 4500 but for all the local sight-seen we have to book his car. We then decided to move Siliguri for cab. So we move to Siliguri by Auto charged Rs. 25 per head (Which was Rs. 20 in normal days). When we reached Siliguri we are facing same type of problem. One driver told us that he can drop by Rs. 4000 but we have to book hotels in his choice( Which we had already booked from Kolkata).

So we were confused. Then we called on Lava resort and ask them if they can managed any car for us. And we also need to book our lunch. And the next bus from Siliguri to Lava was near about 1 pm. If we went through that bus then reached Lava by 5 pm. So a day was wasted. Lava resort persons are very helpful. They told us to move to PaniTanki More from where we can easily arrange any car for Lava by Rs. 2600. So we went for PaniTanki More by auto with Rs. 20 per head. Still same picture in PaniTanki. In PaniTanki we found another family visitors (3 Persons & one Child) for Lava. So we are 5 and they 3 total 8. Some how we can manage them to come with us if we got any car. At last the taxi booth person agreed with Rs. 4000 but still no cab. Then suddenly he told us to come with him and he had a secret hidden car in narrow lane. At last we had a car.

So we were moving towards Lava with worlds most slowest driver at 10:30 am. In the we got beautiful green view of Tista

Way to Lava view of Tista:
Name:  DSCN3461.jpg
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We were too hungry so we stopped the car near Kalimpong and brought some Britannia Cake (healthy and testy), some biscuits and water. Then we reached at lava near about 1:30 pm. We were completed our entry in reception then get down towards our cottage. First we took our lunch rice, sabji, dal and egg curry. Food quality is good.

Attach of menu chart of Lava resort:
Name:  IMG_20160324_135443.jpg
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Then we got fresh and went to visit local sight seen.
We went to Lava Monastery which is beautiful.
Lava Monastery:
Name:  DSCN3474.jpg
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Name:  2016-03-24 15.54.14.jpg
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Then we went to suicide point which is not a mandatory view place. Then in evening we took some Tea (Rs. 10 per cup) and snacks(Alu chop Rs. 10 per pes.). Tea was prepared by Amul Taaza so it was not so much testy. Then return back to Lava Resort and took some rest. We took our dinner near about 9 pm (Roti, sabji, egg curry). Then we discuss with resort members about what to visit and how. Then they told us to visit Chengey Falls which is near to Lava. And they also told us to book a cab from Lava Taxi Stand in early morning.

In early morning we wake up and view sunrise from the resort.
Sunrise from Lava Resort:
Name:  DSCN3493.jpg
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Then we took some tea (Which is much better then outside tea). Then we went to Lava Taxi Stand and book a cab for Changey Falls by Rs. 1500. And told us to come as soon as possible.

Lava taxi stand fare chart:
Name:  IMG_20160324_210857.jpg
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Name:  IMG_20160324_210900.jpg
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So we return back to Lava Resort and told them to book a guide for Rishyap. We will trekking towards Rishyap after visiting Changey Falls. And we checked out from the resort but we kept our luggage in Lava resort. Then we were visited Chengey Falls. Road condition towards Chengey falls is very poor. But the scenic beauty was very good.

After reaching chengey falls we need to walk down near about 1 km for the falls.
Way towards Chengey Falls:
Name:  2016-03-25 09.30.47.jpg
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Chengey Falls is a very beautiful falls. If any one visit Lava then they must visit this place.
Chengey Falls:
Name:  DSCN3628.jpg
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Then we return back to Lava and ate Lava's most delicious food MOMO. Its just awesome. We ate some veg momo and chicken momo and thupa. all are very delicious. Veg momo plate Rs. 40 and Chicken momo Rs. 60 per plate. Then we return back to Lava resort and paid our dues and ready for trekking towards Rishyap.....

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