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ankcha17 Nov 2nd, 2015 13:08

CAR Sharing : NJP to Darjeeling on 14th Nov
Hi friends,

we are 3 members in a group include 6 yrs old kid. Anyone have plan to visit Darjeeling an share the Car from NJP to Darjeeling on 14th nov morning.


RPAT Nov 2nd, 2015 18:59

Had you already booked your vehicle?

ankcha17 Nov 3rd, 2015 20:11

No. We will do. No advantages to book in advance

RPAT Nov 3rd, 2015 20:23

If you didnt find someone till your journey then you can also get share cab easily at NJP.For comfort you can pay for 4 person in middle row in a share cab.

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