Travelling Overland From Europe to India
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Travelling Overland From Europe to India

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Travelling Overland From Europe to India

Every so often on IM we have people wondering about travelling overland to India from Europe, and I regularly get questions on the subject. Since many people seem to think it's not possible, or too dangerous, I thought I'd do an article on it, covering the main topics. Other IMers who have done the trip can add their own thoughts in the comments thread.
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Great thread Conor, very useful.

Some people considering this route may find the following info useful about train journeys along the route. (scroll to bottom of page)
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Very interesting post, Conor.
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Thanks Steven, I was going link Man in Seat 61, but forgot. It's particularly useul for plotting a route through Europe to Istanbul.
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Very useful info !! and what about an Indian wanting to go to Europe..Overland ??
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Well, all of the above is valid, except for the visa info - I believe visas are a little trickier going east to west, but many people still do it.
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without wanting to sound like that famous scene from "the life of brian"....

"apart from the culture, the people, the incredible scenery, the food, the adventures....avoiding heathrow - why would you want to travel overland?"

but seriously - the cost of travel used to be the main incentive to doing it overland but this is not the case any more, overland costs more - and it's now life threateningly dangerous - so why ?
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Eh, not quite sure how to reply to that.....did you read the post? It's actually very safe, there's loads to see and do, and it's a great adventure.

Plus, flying is bad for the environment.....;)
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occasionally i try and inject humour but it doesn't work sometimes....(i.e maybe never).

mmmm....flying bad for the environment ? i think that could be an interesting thread in understanding is that eating meat, buying lcd tv's, buying anything in the west that is manufactured in the east (sea transport of consumer items from east to west) = greater damage than air travel.
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oh sorry, it's just when people start a sentence with 'but seriously', I tend to take them seriously....
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then you should take a look at the master:

dave allen used the term " but seriously" to great comic effect...
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One of the saddest things about international forums as that a sense of humour doesn't travel well, we all misunderstand each other, I'd love to let my sense of humour come out more, but it's rarely understood and very often taken the wrong way (mind you, I've got a sick SOH sometimes.:naughty: )
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Fascinating post, its the adventure I would say that drives people to such a challenge. I envy those that undertake this trip. I would be stuck at the Iranian border though. Shame I would love to see more of Iran especially Ishfahan..
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As above,fascinating post .
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Originally posted by: Conor M View Post

Every so often on IM we have people wondering about travelling overland to India, and I regularly get pm’s on the subject. Since many people seem to think it’s not possible, or dangerous, I thought I’d do a thread on it, covering the main topics. Other IMers who have done the trip can add their own thoughts……


With visas in order, it is possible to travel from Istanbul to Delhi in about a week, going non-stop. Obviously, this won’t be very pleasant. Each country is worth months of travel in its own right, but for those just wishing to make it to India, seeing a few things along the way, I’ll mention some highlights that most people don’t miss.

A WEEK:confused: I guess that's possible but as you say, won't be very pleasant. Really no point, IMHO!!

Good posting Connor! Thanks.

My overland trip in 1975 took 36 days and I really could have gone on for longer --in fact I did go on to 3 more days overland to Kathmandu! Hard to stop once you get going!

I think anyone with a curiosity about the world and some time on their hands should do any overland trip they can. I still wouldn't mind doing it again, but I think I'm past it now.[cry]
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