Please Read Post and Suggest me good Advice!
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Finaly reached Bangkok

Hi Guys,

I;m an India guy and Finaly came Bangkok After long exuses,

Im travling alone myself, is there anyone solo traveler, it would be better to with someone and hang around, is there anyone , Indian, locals ,

Thank you

Prince Ali

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Please Read Post and Suggest me good Advice!

Hi ,I'll be so Thankful to your good suggestion ,

I arrived yesterday Bangkok and My next Flight is on 25th at 07:10 am (morning) to KUL(Malaysia), since Yesterday I'm feeling lil sickness (Coughing ), Its like my these two days just went in eating medicine and rest in Bedroom (Did i come here to lay on bed), Now im feeling good,

Please tell me , Can my this Flight by that i'll have fly Kul on 25th change?....Can i stay in Thailand more 5 days, I mean til 30th, and Fly Kul( Malaysia) on 31st Jan,

Where shoud i get Information from to stay more 5 days in Thailand,Its amazin country and I wana see so much in coming days,,,, Pattya , May be Phukat,,

Please Guys help me , What shoud i do to stay more in Thailand , i mean more five days till 30th,,,Please , Im so confuse

and According to my planed i'l have to fly From Malaysia to India 7 Feb,,,,Please suggest me what shoud i do?,

Thank you so much
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Talk to your Airline people, if you have open ticket they will postponed the dates easily.

But KUL is a great city, you will have so many things to see there also can go to Penang and Genting Hiegths, Don't miss Shopping in KUL and yeah petronas Tower.I don't have much idea of Bangkok, yeah but KUL I traveled a lot for business reasons.
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AP, you can stay as long as your visa allows you to. It is possible to get an extension of visa in Bangkok; a friend of mine did that and they extended the visa by two weeks. More than that he had to arrange from his home country/India.

And, of course, you have to reschedule your ticket.
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