Langtang/Gosainkund/Helambu in January
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Langtang/Gosainkund/Helambu in January

Anyone got info on the snowfall in Jan? planning a trek there in a few weeks with a porter/guide. We will be winter equipped but dont want to hack through snowdrift on the Laurabina pass. According to the weather websites there seem to be little snow at all in winter, but does it settle from the autumn?
Guidebooks warn about snow but there hasnt been any in the last few years when I have been to the Khumbu in Jan - cold? yes! snow? no!

And, is the lodge at Phedi on the helambu side of Laurabina open again post earthquake?

All news gratefully received

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I find a better place than IM, to get info on Nepal.
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Ta mate,
Have looked at it anyway before I posted, but will peruse again
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Myself and a friend of mine are doing this trek in January. From my research the lodges are rebuilt post earthquake, in Langtang, Gosainkund, and Helambu. All lodges will not be open, since it is winter, but enough lodges to give a good trek. (e.g. one lodge instead of three lodges will be open in Gosainkund close to the lakes).

We have been told that snow might cause a problem. But January is normally quite dry, so likely it will be ok. We plan on hiking first to Kyanjin Gompa, and do a couple of day hikes from there. And then we are heading towards the sacred lakes at Gosainkund. If snow will not cause a problem, we will pass the Laurebina pass and walk through Helambu. If there is too much snow, we will head back to Dunche.

The Nepal forum at Tripadvisor might be a good place to ask questions (it is more active than the thorntree forum).

Maybe we will meet on the trails :-) Have a nice trek!
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I do not have info on this specific trail but a good friend from Nepal (otherwise living in NYC) is on the ABC trek right now and has this to say via Instagram 'even for the serious adventure enthusiast, being here this time of the year is no joke'. All photos show them trudging through snow.
Trekkingpartners or scoodley on TA should have more up-to-date info.
Oh and GP has friends in Nepal.
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Thanks Both,

A glance at weather history on a couple of sites reveals little or no snow in January.
- seems to indicate near zero risk
Murphy's Law (Anything that can go wrong will do so....) still applies so I can expect a blizzard.....

My main concern is left over snow/ice from earlier in the year. I have been trekking in the Khumbu many times in this season and have had real snow only once but that valley is a good deal drier than Annapurna - where I failed the Sanctuary once because of snow.

The good thing about this is that there is a safe route back if it gets nasty

See you up there!
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Lots of info on this site too:
It might be the best of times or the worst of times...but it's the only time you've got!

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