India and Bangladesh are plan river cruises on Brahmaputra river
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India and Bangladesh are plan river cruises on Brahmaputra river

India and Bangladesh are planning river cruises on Brahmaputra river

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Wow thats great! Let us see when it comes thru though.
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Its a surprise that there aren't more river boat possibilities in India. I'd think that they would be very popular. China does a lot of these, and the same applies to Bangladesh. My trip on the Rocket Steamer from Dhaka to Khulna:

was an excellent and exciting experience. I'd just love to sail 'Slowly Down the Ganges'...

Tim in Ireland
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I also wonder why river transport is not seriously considered. What a relief the steamer service on the Ganga brought to us in Kolkata. I remember once on our way to the railway station we got caught in a traffic jam on the Howrah bridge while time was running away. Finally we had to leave the cab & with the luggage ran to catch the train. Since the steamer service started we always used it to go to the station.
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India river cruises

I have recently done the Brahmaputra cruise with the Assam Bengal Navigation Company, and it was great. It operates on both the Brahmaputra and the Hugli.

The company also has a basic but very comfortable jungle lodge at the entrance to Manas National Park, and offers safaris into the park, and guided walks through the surrounding tea gardens and villages. The food is great, too.

The lodge (called Bansbari Jungle Lodge) is an hour's jeep drive from the border of India and Bhutan. It generally arrives at sunset, the the view is amazing. You can actually step into Bhutan - so if nothing else you can boast about being an illegal visitor!!! You can also take elephant rides.

Both experiences - the lodge and the cruise - are more for travellers than tourists, as they are in remote areas where it is unlikely you will ever see another European or shops in which to buy tourist trinkets. The region is much the same as it must have been 50 years ago - which only enhances its appeal to serious travellers.

The website is here:
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Read your other report on the tour Darius, sounds very enticing. Too bad at Rs. 4500 ($110) a night for the lodge alone it's not really my kind of basic.
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Good value....

Considering the tariff covers accommodation and 3 meals a day, entrance fees to the park, one jeep ride or one elephant ride daily; excursions to the tea garden or local village; tribal dance performance at the Lodge for groups; and services of an escort/guide/naturalist, forest guard and government taxes, I think the price is pretty fair and good value.

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