Annapurna Circuit and ABC - Clothing Advice please
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Annapurna Circuit and ABC - Clothing Advice please

hi, i am off to nepal for the above treks this october. i am planning to carry:
1 wicking full sleeve t-shirt
1 track pant
1 wicking trousers
1 shorts
2 full sleeve shirts
1 fleece jacket
1 windcheater
1 poncho
1 hat
1 balaclava
3 pairs nylon socks, 2 woollen, and 2 cotton
old cross trainers
i medium sized backpack.

i hope that will suffice. what do you think. anything i am missing out on.

i dont have a sleeping bag. will not carrying one be ok. is it really essential?

kindly reply. thx.

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Originally posted by: j3131i dont have a sleeping bag. will not carrying one be ok. is it really essential?

In a nutshell: Yes.

Some lodges may have tired old blankets, but they generally expect you to bring your own sleeping bag. Not doing so would be foolish.

You may also want to consider using better shoes, i.e., ones providing ankle support.
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What about stuff like batteries, torch light, first aid kit et all..carry them as well..they r important.
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you can't honestly be considering doing these treks in only an old pair of cross trainers??

how about boots?
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You can rent what you need in Kathmandu if you don't want to bring a sleeping bag. But you do have to have one.

I haven't been there in a few years, but I imagine it hasn't changed. You used to be able to rent virtually anything in Thamel you needed for a trek.

Previous posters are right about needing the other stuff. I can't say anything about footwear because when I trekked (Pokara to Gorapani) I wore $5 Bata trainers from Delhi! I had lightweight boots that I had broken in but once on the trek they hurt my feet. I had brought the $5 Batas just to have something to wear at night and they turned out to be my trekking shoes [whoa]. I made it there and back with no problem--kind of can't believe it now :dontgetit
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Originally posted by: j3131hi, i am off to nepal for the above treks this october.. ...

hi j3131,
have a nice trek.
I have a plan to go to Annapurna circuit, coming April (looooong wait[cry] ).
But, I'm not getting sufficient leave from office:mad: . So, I'm planning to fly back to Pokhra from Jomsom[noway] . I'm not sure, if "on the spot booking" for those flights are available or not. I have even posted this question on this forum. Our member SeentheLight has replied, but i'm still not sure if my plan will be feasible:o .

I have a request for you: if possible, please get some info about those flights when you'll be at Jomsom. Thanks in advance.

Happy Trekking:ThumbsUp :goodluck:
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hi all. rather sorry to inform that i have had to call off my trip at the last moment.

thanks a lot for all the info.


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