Tribal artifacts- one week tour plan help!
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Tribal artifacts- one week tour plan help!

Hello IMers,

I am going on a budget solo trip to chattisgarh for a week from 4th Feb to 12th Feb with a focus on tribal craft. I have been reading thread posts by Jorgereverter, vaibhav, et all and they have been very helpful. I need your help in planning and getting the best out of my trip on a budget.
4th Feb- Reach Raipur at 10 a.m(got a super flight deal) and depart for jagdalpur. Can I get a direct bus from somewhere close to the airport ? Is there a weekly tribal market in Raipur as well on 4th(Saturday) ?
5th Feb - visit the Sunday market at jagdalpur ( any suggestions to stay in jagdalpur? Or should I stay in kondagaon). Accommodation suggestions pls.
6th Feb- Visit the dhokra and terracotta artists in kondagaon
7th-10th feb - Need your help on other craft villages/tribal markets in the area. Any ones recommended ? Or does it make sense to take a train/bus enroute Bhubaneswar and visit the artisans in that part(jeypore, any other recommendations ?). Pls help with your suggestions on stay and travel as well.
11th mornin- get back to raipur to take my return flight to Mumbai on 12th morning.

I am not planning to hire a car as I am travelling solo on a budget. Is it possible to use local transport for my entire trip or am I expecting too much from this part of the country.

Thanks a ton in advance!


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We visited the Raipur - Jagdalpur area with a car+driver so I have no idea about the local transport.
If you are interested in the markets and villages that we visited read the January-end part of the Kochi Delhi journal in my signature.
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Hi QT - if you read my posts in detail, I've described the tribal visit of Tokapal and how to visit that by bus. There's no point wasting time in Raipur - its very polluted and there's zero tribal influence there. Stay at Kondagaon with saathi (NGO) and also plan for a market visit ex-Kondagaon (Narayanpur). In Jagdalpur, I was at hotel Rainbow and its a good budget choice. Check with Shakeel Rizvi if he can guide you - a guide is quite useful in these markets as the tribals don't speak hindi and also prices might come down if you opt for touring with a guide. You'd have to pay for the guide of course but even then things can be done quite economically.

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