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#1 Oct 6th, 2011, 08:59
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I am currently in USA and planning to move to chennai in Nov.I have a 8 year old son.Pls.suggest some good schools in chennai which would give admission at this time of the year.I cannot afford to pay high donation or tuition fees like the American International school.
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Originally Posted by chuck View Post I am currently in USA and planning to move to chennai in Nov.I have a 8 year old son.Pls.suggest some good schools in chennai which would give admission at this time of the year.I cannot afford to pay high donation or tuition fees like the American International school.
Chuck, welcome to Chennai, Schools in Chennai follow the following syllabus Matriculation Board, State Board, Central Board or Anglo-Indian Board. You have to first decide what type of school syllabus you are interested and then try to find a school that follows that syllabus.
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Hi Chuck and welcome.
It may be difficult at this stage but first decide in what part of the city you are going to live then choose a school in that location. There are many good schools with very reasonable fees where English is the curriculum language.

The common thought to schooling for children seems to be the more study they do the better the results they will get. Not taking into account that these young minds are developing thereby overloading them with a full day’s school then 2-3 hours "tuition" morning or evening and sometimes both is detrimental to the childs development.
Many teachers use tuition to suppliment their income and it has been claimed by many parents both publicly and privately that if they do not send their children to tuition as the teacher "suggests" that the child may have difficulty attaining their desired examination results. It is a form of blackmail used by many of the teachers to extract extra money from as many parents as possible with little positive benefit for the kids as they can only absorb so much in one day.
This tuition also acts as a group homework that is led by the teacher so therefore the child never learns how to analyse then solve problems on an individual basis thereby missing out on one of the basic skills of life.
When you are looking at schools you should ask what their policy is regarding tuition on a general basis. If they do recommend, or have no policy regarding tuition give it a miss as it is an admission of the schools failure to be able to give a child an adequate education.
The better schools recommend that the parents do not send their child to tuition as it interferes with the schools study program.
If a child is poor on one subject these schools do have an hour or so extra for some kids after and at the school for a nominal cost but still following the schools curriculum.

Make sure you have documentaion from his current school in the US regarding class, results, attendance etc. etc. Some IM'ers maybe able to fill you in on what is required on that score.

If this is a temporary move to India you should possibly look at some sort of program for him to keep pace with the US education system if you think that is necessary and will not overload and burnout your child’s interest in school and education generally. Good luck
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Vince suggested some good points.

So it depends on your area of residence. If you are closer to Kilpauk or Nungambakkam, I'd suggest Bhavan's Rajaji ( - follows CBSE.

The other thing is almost all schools have 2nd language requirement with one of the Indian languages. Not sure whether any schools offer French. If it is a temporary move for a few years, I suggest talking to school board members about going through Without the 2nd language requirement. Like Vince suggested, you can home-school him to touch base with the American school syllabus.

The common subjects are Science, English, Mathematics, 2nd language, Social Studies + few more other subjects depending on schools.
The only thing that will be challenging will be social studies which you have to understand to teach him and may be geographical part of Science where you might have to know Indian geography a bit. (this is where you have to know what's being done in the US schools).

Well, one more thing about going through Indian schools - exams or tests.
All closed book and bit hectic - you have to know everything that's been taught or given notes on - so talking with teacher and following on is important.

In my opinion for the 1st to 5th grade, Indian Schools shouldn't be a problem. After that, exams will be bit stressful but nothing to be worried if taken care of. The best practice is to HELP make him go through and understand what's done each day/week and working on things he finds difficult. (For eg, you might be given a world map and asked to locate where himalayas or the priaries - so memorization helps here) (Yeah Social studies involves a bit memorization). (some teachers give questions and answers and ask the same questions in the exams)

It is just because of this practice that CBSE now follows grades in schools (not really sure), so it will not be stressful at the lower grades. Just really letting you know what to expect but things might be different.

One more thing, schools here have uniforms. It will be a good experience and not much to worry in the lower grades.

You can refer this website -> on what to expect for different classes under CBSE.

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