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Government Museum

Finally made it over there on Sunday. After about an hour, I was starting to see exactly why no one makes a point of visiting this place (especially with the fee being 100x more for foreigners), but then I did something I've become more comfortable doing the more I've been around in India: I walked right past a 'No Admission' sign. I was rewarded with a view of an amazing space that must date back into the 19th century. They are evidently eight years into a restoration project, but it shows no signs of being completed any time soon. I attached a few photos here that don't even begin to do it justice.

I'm a sucker for colonial buildings/artifacts. Can anyone suggest other places in Madras to check out?
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Oh dear, they seem to have knocked it all down :(

Check out a book called

Madras Rediscoverd by S Muthiah,
A Historical Guide to Looking Around...

He's a guy who writes a column for The Hindu and obviously has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the city, street by street and almost house by house.
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This is a shame because when I first saw this post I thought 'here's something I want to see'

I like museums, I plan on visiting the museum in Kathmandu which houses the magnificent kukri that we posted in the Knives thread
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I loved the old Fort Museum with all the old British stuff in it. Seeing all the old heavy woolen clothes made me itch -- can't imagine wearing that stuff in the heat way back then! Plus there are old maps on the wall and huge portraits upstairs. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.
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