Chick Blinds(Window) in Chennai
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Chick Blinds(Window) in Chennai

Hi all,

I am looking to put up Chick blinds in my apartment vis-a-vis curtains.

I've heard that there are folks who make to measure in and around the city. Any idea where these folks could be located? Additionally are they a more thrifty option than say a store bought chick blind (I was quoted a discount price of Rs 80 on an old stock item per sq cm -- a furnishing store in anna nagar)

Many thanks,

Mod Note : edited the thread title to avoid misunderstanding ;)

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Which part of town are you? I may be able to inform accordingly!

If you are in the South part then near old Datamatics TTK Road there should be some road side makers(diagnally opposite Amaravathi Restaurant TTK Road).

In central Chennai at the Chetpet junction too there used to be some roadside makers of chik.

About the price you have quoted for the stock; Rs 80/sqcm may actually be in sqft or sqmtr.Could you mention the name of the shop in Anna Nagar as that may be useful to others reading?
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I did not realise the implications of "chick" blinds until the change...hehehe thanks moderator, no offense meant :))

Anywho, thank you Gametotravel for your post. To answer your queries:
1. I am in Anna Nagar
2. The shop's name was "The Furnishings" on 2nd Ave, Anna Nagar. This would be ahead of Santosh etc..
3. You are correct the price quoted was Rs 80 per sq ft.

Now that we are clear on the pricing, do you think thats way too much? or reasonable? Are there any places closer to Anna Nagar that make these chick blinds, additionally how is the quality of the roadside blinds?

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seen plenty of roadside vendors on cp ramaswamy road/abhiramapuram. i think the rate is around 80+/sq foot

no idea about quality, but they look pretty good
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Hey Planemad !!

Thanks heaps :)

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What's a chick blind? Does it stop people looking in at chicks?:naughty:
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Heheheh afraid not :D
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Maybe the spelling for practical purposes should be "Chik" or "Chic".

@ Maitri : At last about a decade ago the rates were 40.
(now does that increase the intrigue for others?).

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