Cannot find an accommodation in Chennai
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Cannot find an accommodation in Chennai

Hi all,

I searched through the IM hotels reviews and I tried to contact Ram Guest house both by email and by phone (I called the correct number: +91 44 28130491...but it seems that such number does not exist). Then I sent an email to Hotel Shelter (using the email address which is reported on their website) and got no answer again.
Are these guest house/hotel still operating?
Any other suggestions for a couple of nights accommodation in Chennai (arriving by plane from Varanasi in late afternoon and next full day touring around the city)?

Have many thanks

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Hi Abele,

I don't know Ram's Guest house but have stayed at Hotel Shelter two years ago and wouldn't advise it. At least not really good for a family. We had a room that reeked of smoke and they didn't have any other rooms (all of them were the same we were told). It was small. This year we stayed at Days Inn Deccan Plaza at Royapettah and can say that we didn't have a bad experience. The rooms were good and the location is central walkable distance to the city centre shopping mall etc. Nice breakfast too.:D Alternatively we have had a good experience with the Ramada Raj Park as well.

Good luck.
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Oh sorry! I made a mess copying&pasting my notes. I contacted hotel Pandian (via email and via their online registration form), not Hotel Shelter! Sorry. Basically I would like to avoid deluxe/business accommodation...
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New Woodlands is a good choice.

It is quite large, the more expensive rooms should be quite comfortable, it has two restaurants and a swimming pool, but is not really a luxury hotel, and doesn't have that polished-brass-and-glass dead ambience of a business hotel. It is on a busy main road, but that doesn't matter as it is set back.

Shelter is more business-oriented. Yogagal stayed there a year or so back, don't recall that she had any trouble with smoke, only fridges --- but she's offline for a few days so can't tell you herself. The nice thing about Shelter is its location on a smallish road just a few minutes walk from Mylapore temple and tank: 'real' India on the doorstep.

There are guesthouses nearer to Mylapore, probably similar quality/budget to Ram (If it still exists; I'll try to find out), but Woodlands gives a pleasant hotel experience for not very much more

Link: New Woodlands Hotel

Days Inn Deccan Plaza is only a couple of years old. Always a good idea to get Indian hotels while their new. The second coat of paint, if they even bother, is never as good as the first! Never been inside. Looks OK from outside. I think they have a website too


Days Inn Deccan Plaza

although the marketing crap on the home page is enough to put anybody, other than marketing people, off...
In a world where speed is the key, comfort the watchword and efficiency the fulcrumonwhich the wheels of life turn, a synergy of the three is most effective. And welive during times when travel is a lot more than just moving from one place toanother – its all about going places – a new paradigm in hospitality is fast emerging as thepreferred choice.
There's more, but I don't think you'd want to read it :laugh:

Ram Guest House: 28130493 or 28130495. Mrs N just made enquiries
Life gets aadhar every day.
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You could try the YWCA which takes both men and women

and is therefore less central.
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Tank you all!
I booked a room at New Woodlands hotel.
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I can recommend the Hotel Pandian to people who arrive in the evening by railway or need to take a train early in the morning because of its location close to the stations. It is just next to Egmore (which runs a bus to Central Railway Station, the main one). In a quiet place. Decent rooms. Price range at the moment around Rs 1000 for non-AC).

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