Accommadation (again)
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Accommadation (again)

I know everyone must be sick of this type of thread,but I need help so please take that deep breath and reply.
I,m currently in Chennai sorting out some business details and more importantly looking for housing.I am relocating from Ireland with my wife in January and her main concerns are that where we live at the start is that its secure, and that there is a community of expats around so as to help her find her feet as I will be at work etc.
I have looked at various gated properties (mahrinda world city etc) on web but I have no idea if any expats live in them. What I really need is to get some advice from expats already living here. So can anyone tell me where the main expat ccommunities live or any helpfull advice will be appreciated.
Again sorry to bring this up but there is a Guiness for anyone who can help.

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Accomodation and Social activities

Try above link. Hope it helps
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Welcome to two new members!

I think the OWCM is more likely to be helpful to Eire's wife when she comes!

There are expats living all over the place, but as for any community of them, that I don't know. You will certainly find them dotted around the various areas on the coast side of the East Coast Road.

Deciding to live in a gated community, secure apartment block or independent house is, of course, a lifestyle choice. Some might find it rather oppressive, although obviously many don't or they wouldn't build them! Others might find them more sociable that living in their own house with high walls all around and a guard at the gate.

Where ever you choose to live, it is likely that you will find that you have neighbours to talk to. Most educated people in Chennai speak English: the best schools teach in English.
Life gets aadhar every day.
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Welcome to India especiallly chennai.Chennai is most secure city.i can say that for sure.i dont know abt expats but in posh areas in core city everybody can speak english and you wouldnt find it difficult to move around.
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Well, I can tell you for sure that there are few expats where we live, which is a neighborhood called Kilpauk. We are happy there, lots of good amenities and the people in the neighborhood are extremely friendly, but if you're looking for an expat community look elsewhere.

Our expat friends tend to live in Alwarpet, Mylapore or down ECR. I met some people who live in Poe's Garden which is absolutely lovely and very expensive.
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welcome to the site and to India Rbadri and Eire..!
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Thanks Folks

Thanks to everyone all your responses have helped both my wife and I. I know it is'nt easy to keep replying to questions that have already been asked a 100 times.
Both of us are looking forward to moving to Chennai and who know's maybe we will meet up for a drink especially an St Patricks Day. Again thanks and a happy Christmas to you all.


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