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Zahonado Jan 24th, 2012 18:59

Lemon tree hotel
Does anyone know if this hotel is up and running yet, I think it's due to open soon?

Dave W Jan 25th, 2012 15:14

According to this website * the hotel opens on 1st February. It looks very nice and their rates are attractive. We need a night in a Chandigarh hotel later in February and I am tempted to try them.

ADDITION - I just spoke to their central reservations office on the phone. They confirmed opening on February 1st.

* For some reason that first link doesn't work. Try this one

Zahonado Jan 26th, 2012 01:24

Lemon tree hotel
Thanks , as we have booked a couple of nights there, I hope it will be open when we get there a bit later in our trip!

Dave W Jan 26th, 2012 01:42

We've booked a night for the third week of Feb. I'll let you know if it's one to avoid.:)

Zahonado Jan 31st, 2012 06:38

Hotel opening date
Dave you had better check your dates as when I looked at the site today the opening has been put back to second week in February!...hope it doesn't change again.

Dave W Jan 31st, 2012 14:30

Thanks for the tip. It's now gone back to the third week (15th) still a few days before we are due to stay there but I will keep my eye on things.

Additional - I e-mailed the hotel who have responded to say that they are ready to open but are awaiting some official permissions. They have said that they will arrange accommodation of a similar standard if they cannot open by the time we are due to stay. For one night I think we'll take the chance.

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