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RAAJANP Mar 25th, 2014 01:16

Chandigarh,mohali or panchkula:where to live?
Hi Guys,
I am in a transferable job and expecting my transfer this week to Chandigarh.In all likelihood I will be living there for next 4-5 years.I am quite confused as to where to live i.e. Chandigarh,Mohali or Panchkula?I am sure all these three places are quite good but still there must few key factors which would tilt the scale in favor of any one like if you can help me with the rentals rate,electricity rates,fuel rates,general electricity and water situation, general infrastructures like roads and all,good schools in vicinity etc.Please help.

harsh11 Jan 20th, 2017 12:16

I am living in Chandigarh from last 9 months and this city is pretty good. If you are going to stay in some sector of Chandigarh, accommodation is costly. Accommodation in Mohali is much better and proximity to Chandigarh. I have no clue about Pankchkula.
I am living in Dhanas, Chandigarh and this place is amazing - near to park, mall and other places.
My monthly room rent is 5500 INR/monthly
Electricity bill depend on unit consumption = not more than Rs. 600/ monthly
Fuel rate 71rs / per LTR = not more than Rs. 1200/ monthly
Rest 3 to 4 thousand for other expanses, if needed... That's all...

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