1 night stay in Chandigarh. Hotel suggestions?
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1 night stay in Chandigarh. Hotel suggestions?

I had to make changes in my plans and the new plan puts me for one night stay in Chandigarh. Please advise a reasonable and decent hotel (1500-2500 range). I will reach at 6pm and need to catch the flight next morning. Any suggestions to good evening hang outs near the suggested hotel would be great too. Thanks.

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Thanks in advance
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Check hotel Hometel or any hotel in sector 35 or 22 . Most of them are under this price tag
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I had been to Chandigarh on a business trip on Sunday last and stayed in Lemmon Tree Hotel. The hotel is in the industrial area quite close to the railway station & not far from the airport too. I found the hotel to be a very good value for money at Rs.3900 per night. The rooms are very comfortable and the staff very polite & helpful. The complimentary breakfast buffet is excellent. The only drawback is the location. Being in the industrial area one cannot find any public transport in the evening. So, going anywhere is a problem unless you have a cab at your disposal.
The hotel arranges pick up from railway station as well as from the airport.

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