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gluedtoweb Dec 6th, 2004 23:58

Only in India - the weirdest photo
Here is a very nice article.
Have a look at that. I Could have posted in India Confusion thread, but then, thought I can attract similar interesting articles on India in one thread.

Postimperial fusions

I saw some good links like that some time back (westerner teacher with two kids living in bangalore etc), I am not able to find that. Can any body repost those links here?

crvlvr Dec 7th, 2004 01:16


natasha chanda acharya Feb 2nd, 2005 17:56

Only in India - the weirdest photo
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It happens Only In India
enjoy pics and share some if you have.

natasha chanda acharya Feb 2nd, 2005 17:58

"mobile" india
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here are some more.
if not for anything else, you have to give it to us for ingenuity!!

nomadelmundo Feb 2nd, 2005 19:02

awesome pictures, thanks for sharing... where did you get them?

natasha chanda acharya Feb 3rd, 2005 10:49

Thanks. was a forwarded mail from one of my friends.

somnath Feb 3rd, 2005 11:38

Good pics
HA Ha HA.....
Nice pics Natasha!!! Hope all will enjoy these.

TimMakins Nov 15th, 2005 14:34

Only in India - the weirdest photo

This was taken in Jammu, in the gardens of the Amar Mahal Museum.
Promenading has no specific ban, so I felt happy doing that. Roving, jaunting, and jogging seems to be OK, also tiptoeing, hopping, prancing, or cavorting generally. Just make sure that you don't STROLL !!!

Comments on this one, please...

And now, what about your own photo - OK, I'm sure you have one that's even weirder - lets see it...

Tim in Ireland

Digital Drifter Nov 15th, 2005 14:44

uh,we indians sometimes have a problem trying to tell everyone

Keep off the bloody grass!


Wonder, what they'll do if they do catch someone strolling.

"your honour, this man is is arrested for disorderly conduct"

what did he do?

strolling in the park.


ummm...that's it, your honour; he was strolling where he was not supposed to.

john.sw Nov 15th, 2005 14:58

Honeymoon couples love to visit the Botanical Gardens in Ooty.

They can enjoy themselves up to a point, but plucking is prohibited!

Nick-H Nov 15th, 2005 15:24

Excellent stuff.

Masochists could visit Chennai's 24 Hour Puncher Stall ...but I'm afraid I don't have a pic

PRIYA Nov 15th, 2005 15:36

I suppose pheasants would be okay then [shock] ;)

beach Nov 15th, 2005 15:39

...there was an IT company in Bangalore carrying a signboard on its compound wall Trespassers will be recruited! :D

Katya Nov 15th, 2005 15:52

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Originally Posted by TimMakins
And now, what about your own photo - OK, I'm sure you have one that's even weirder - lets see it...

Not sure if this is the weirdest photo ever, but my hubby and I spent a good hour contemplating this sign early one morning at a Mumbai train station. In the end we decided it would be easier to take a photo and let everyone else try to explain it! :D

john.sw Nov 15th, 2005 16:20

Sometimes you simply can't enjoy yourself in India...

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