How to Prevent Litter/Garbage/Dirt
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How to Prevent Litter/Garbage/Dirt

Hi All,

Now days I am taking lot of snaps because I doubt that my grand child will able to see some Nature Beauty at Tourist Places.

In my recent visit to Vaishnavdevi and Manali I found people are so irresponsible that they are littering places with dump and garbage. They even do not think about nature. I have a question, Are they really looking once after thorowing dump and garbage.

We had a bad expierence at Shivkhodi near Vaishnavdevi, we found that people are throwing used plastic bottles, bags and other garbage on road/track it self, dustbins were installed on every 100-200 meter distance. We decided to collect all dry garbage like bags, bottles, paper itc. We were storing over collection in dustbins but to our surprise we found that authorities deputed some cleaners who are responsible to clear these dustbins, and those cleaners were thorwing all dustbins in Valley itself. We opposed them and they were very rude, we could not found any authorised person over there.

Below are some snaps of recent dumps at Manali.
1) Below Road bridge at New Manali.
2) Dumps at Road side.
3) Dumps/Garbage near bank of Beas river on the way to Manali.

I encourage all of you to bring some awareness in your fellow Passengers/Tourist at public place, tourist place, public transport and everywhere which affecting Nature and Social life.

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Dirt_Under_Bridge_Manali.jpg ,Dirt_RoadSide_Manali.jpg ,Wastage_Dishes_Bias_River.jpg 

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Never did I see any garbage bins, etc on the streets when I was in India (do they even exist)?

Here where I am, there is an element of absolute guilt if I throw something onto the street or if I don't put something that can be recycled into a recycling bin. It's a matter of educating people to look after the environment.

On another note, can someone let me know what happens to household rubbish (esp in big cities)? Is there actually a garbage disposal service/trucks to take them away? What do people do?

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