Diwali '04

#1 Oct 21st, 2004, 01:03
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Does anyone know when Diwali is? (btw does the date vary from year to year?)

Does anyone have any plans?

And, can anyone give me any idea of what to expect from a diwali celebration (in england)? and what is it all about, in a nut shell? (this is my first diwali as an india enthusiast!)
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The Hindu calendar is a lunar calendar, with most years consisting of 12 lunar cycles and an extra month inserted approximately every seven years to resynchronize the calendar with the seasons. Dipavali/Diwali falls in the Gregorian month of October or November, and always on a new moon day. Since the precise moment of the new moon falls on different Gregorian dates depending on geographical location, the date of Diwali also depends on one's location.

In 2004, Diwali falls on November 12 in the United Kingdom.

It is celebrated by Hindus all over the world, every year. On the day of deepavali old and young, rich and poor wear new dresses and share sweets. They also burn crackers. The traditional business community starts their financial new year on Dipavali and new account books are opened on this day.

There are two mythological legends associated with Dipavali. The first Dipavaliwas held to celebrate the return of the Rama, King of Ayodhya, his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana to Koshala after a war in which he killed the demon Ravana. It was getting dark, so people along the way lit oil lamps to light their way. Second, it commemorates the killing of Narakasura, who was also an evil demon. So Dipavali is a festival symbolising the destruction of evil forces.

There are various legends relating to Dipavali as also different ways of celebrating in different parts of India. Dipavali is celebrated over 5 days in most of north India as:

dhan teras
narak chaudas - chhoTii diwali
deepawali - ba.Dii diwali
bhai dauj

In South India, naraka chaturdashii is the main day of celebration with lot of fire crackers at dawn while in North India the main celebration is on Amavasya evening with Lakshmi Puja followed by lighting of oil lamps in and around the house and bursting of crackers.

In England, the days are Dhanteras, Narak Chatrudashi, Lakshmu-Puja, the most important day, Padwa or Varshapratipanda and Bhaiya Dooj or the Teeka Ceremony

The time is also significant to Sikhs. During the festival time in 1620 the 6th Guru, Hargobind Singh gained the release of 52 Hindu princes who had been falsely imprisoned in Gwallior Fort by the rulers of the area, the Mughals. The Golden Temple was lit with many lights to welcome the release of Guru Hargobind and Sikhs have continued the celebration
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Thank you crvlvr. That is very informative. Just by chance, I'll be in Varanasi on Nov. 12th. It should be great!

(Hope you're staying dry)

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