Varanasi to Darjeeling
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Varanasi to Darjeeling

Hello everyone, we are two girls from England travelling India at the moment. We have been desperately trying to get to Darjeeling but it turns out that the trains from Mughal Sarai to New Jalpaiguri are not running on the day we wish to travel (and as our route is crazy, there isnt much room to replan timings). We were wondering if anybody knows of a bus running on 14th (tues) or 15th (weds) from Varanasi to New jalpaiguri.

OR if anyone is going the same way - we could share a taxi there???

Thanks Kezia and Emma :)

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I don't want to discourage you two, but it is not advisable to visit Darjeeling in the near future. The political environment is very sensitive there after the killing of a leader a few days ago. One of my friend planned to visit there during 4th - 9th this month and he has cancelled the booking. You can consider alternatively going to Gantok.

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