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Jamesapeacock Nov 6th, 2017 16:57

Taxi options and prices
Hi all,

Arriving in Mumbai on Thursday around 11am and need to get to Colaba. What is the best method of taxi to get and what should the cost be?

Ola/ Uber or prepaid taxi?

Also will be using taxi from Cochi to Munnar and Munnar to Allepey - again what should i be paying?

Will also be getting Taxi from Madgao to Arambol in Goa.

Your advice is most welcome!!


OldandRambling Nov 6th, 2017 17:33

My impression is that with ola/uber, the foreign accents of tourists seem to be quite difficult for some Indian drivers to understand. I don't use these services at home, so they may not depend on language at all?
I find that even with pre-pay, drivers often have little idea of where they are expected to drop you!
If you can get uber/ola to work for you, I think that you would get a better vehicle to travel in.
My only advice is to ask to use the Bandr-Worli sea bridge route into town. This saves a lot of traffic snarl-ups, but you will have to pay the toll, only about 60Rs I think.


atala Nov 6th, 2017 18:09

The way you calculate long-distance taxi prices is you take the distance (from Google map) times 2 for the return of the car, times 9 to 15 Rupees per km; the rate is depending on the type of car.

In your case, from Kochi (it is spelled either that, or Cochin, but not Cochi or Kochin) to Munnar is 130 km times 2 = 260 times about Rs 10 for a basic car = 2600. This is the price (plus tolls if any apply) if the car returns after dropping you at your destination.

That amount is also the basic price for a full day use (plus a driver fee of Rs 200 or 300), so if you stay only one night in Munnar, you could also keep the car and driver, and continue the following day to Allepey. If you want to stay more than one night, but would like to keep the car, you also pay the minimum daily price which is good for 200-250 km for the additional day, depending on company rules. You pay that minimum amount, whether you use the car or not.

So you need to always weigh the pros and cons of keeping a car on a longer route, or not. An advantage is, that you do not need local transportation at Munnar, can go to restaurants, sight-seeing and viewing-points without a hassle, even though covering only a few kilometers that way. If you stay only one night, then you definitely should keep the car.

Edit: if you do get another drop from Munnar to Allepey, you pay the km-rate. which in that case is 165 times 2 = 330 times 10 = Rs 3300

Edit 2: If you keep the car from Kochi until Allepey, you also have to pay the distance rate for the car to return to its place of origin, from Allepey to Kochi in addition. That is about 55 km. Since you pay the car on a day-use basis, if the minimum distance per day is set for 200 km, you should pay only the difference between that full distance, minus the actual distance covered, which is 165 km, = 35 km. 55 minus 35 is 20 km times Rs 10 = Rs 200. So you should only pay Rs 200 in addition for the car to return to Kochi without you.

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