Road conditions - Delhi to Indore
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Road conditions - Delhi to Indore

Hi Guys,
Planning a road trip from Delhi to Indore. Can anyone update me on the road conditions. As far as I know there are two routes
(a)Delhi- Agra- Gwalior- Shivpuri- Indore.
(b)Delhi- Jaipur- Kota- Jhalawar- Indore.
the distance on both routes is almost same (840 Km).I have been adviced against travelling on route (a) as the road conditions are really bad.Would like to know more about the route (b) from someone who has recently travelled on this route. Also would like to know about bypasses at major towns.Would really appreciate quick response.Regards

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(a)Delhi- Agra- Gwalior- Shivpuri- Indore.
(b)Delhi- Jaipur- Kota- Jhalawar- Indore.

My God! I didn't know that the Chennai by-pass went that far out of the way! :laugh:

desertblazers, please accept my tease with no offence. It takes a while to get used to the layout of the site and how it works. Click on "Forums" on the top banner to start finding your way around.

Weclome! :)
Life gets aadhar every day.
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And as you can say desertblazers we have moved your post to make a new thread in a more appropriate forum - the Chennai bypass road is not the thread for this!
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thanx a lot.But frankly do all roads not lead to Rome?????
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Hi Desertblazers, Could you comment on the road planning to do a trip this weekend
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Between Delhi to Indore, (this is based on my reading and not on actual travel), the best road is Delhi-Jaipur-Chittorgarh-Neemach-Badnawar-Ujjain-Indore.

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