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2cents May 10th, 2007 09:31

Online bus ticket reservation sites
A number of websites have come up recently that offers online bus ticket reservation. All of them , with the exception of Raj Travels, concentrate on destinations in a particular state or region. However in spite of several inherent limitations these sites do go a long way towards making the reservation process a simpler and transparent process.

I have listed the websites I have managed to come across so far.It would be great if other members could add to the list and describe their experience while actually using one of these sites for booking a seat. - North,Central,West and South India (State/Region covered) - Maharashtra and surrounding states - Maharashtra - Maharashtra/Goa/Karnataka/Andhra Pradesh - South India - South India - Karnataka - South India - Kerala/Karnataka/Tamil Nadu - Himachal Pradesh/Delhi - Offers only Delhi-Manali booking at present - Delhi - Manali,Jammu,Katra

Mod Note: To bring this up to date further websites have been added below: Link provided by snehansu-love2travel. Original post - Link provided by capt_mahajan. Original post - Link provided by Pooja Nagpal. Original post - Link provided by Epicure. Original post - Link provided by Epicure.Original post - Link provided by machadinha. Original post - Link provided by Epicure. Original post -

Links provided by Epicure. Original post - - Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation(KSRTC) now offers bus ticket reservation using a mobile phone - West Bengal . Link provided by sumangc. Original post - - "Hyderabad to Bangalore ...bus routes especially concentrated in AP" . Link provided by Rithika1. Original post - - Himachal Road Transport Corpn. buses can be booked here . - - Maharashtra/Gujarat/Madhya Pradesh - Hyderabad to Mumbai/Vijayawada - Chhattisgarh . Link provided by shahronakm. Original post - - Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation . Link provided by machadinha. Original post - - Delhi - City & Interstate bus routes & services . Link provided by machadinha. Original post -

"Bus Schedule in Maharashtra" . Link provided by jkmohanta . Original post -

Kerala State Road Transport Corporation ( KSRTC) - Major Cities in Kerala, Coimbatore and Bangalore: - Hyderabad to Mumbai/Bangalore. link provided by vbitra. original post here.

steven_ber May 10th, 2007 10:38

Very useful thread, hopefully others will add more websites.

Epicure May 10th, 2007 11:14 --- for fares/timings/routes etc in Andhra Pradesh, operated by state-owned carrier. This site do not have internet booking facility but gives info on telephone reservation / reservation counters / authorised travel agents etc. (reservations from Hyderabad)

AvidTrekker May 10th, 2007 20:57

Himachal Road Transport Corpn.
Himachal Road Transport Corpn. buses can be booked here:


iceman May 12th, 2007 08:23

Bangalore and places near by

Page also displays list of car rental agencies in Bangalore and the local bus transport (BMTC) routes.

machadinha May 25th, 2007 09:50

For what it's worth, can't vouch for these nor even if they do reservations, thought I'd drop them here though. Probably picked up from IM anyway: (International)

iceman May 25th, 2007 11:48

VRL Vijayanand Roadlines.. Not sure if it works fine..

2cents May 30th, 2007 04:19

I noticed this website advertised on Indiamike today in the "Sponsored Links" section :- - Maharashtra/Gujarat/Madhya Pradesh

According to the press release at the launch of the site they have a tie-up with 17 fleet owners and plans to cater to 200 cities;however as of now the reservation facility is available only on Hyderabad to Mumbai and Vijayawada route. - Hyderabad to Mumbai/Vijayawada

shahronakm May 30th, 2007 10:57

Very useful thread.


david123456789 Jul 10th, 2007 11:48

new website for bus reservation specially only for andhra pradesh

steven_ber Jul 10th, 2007 15:30


Originally Posted by david123456789 (Post 356694) specially only for andhra pradesh

Also Hyderabad to Mumbai, Pune and Shirdi, also Hyderabad to Bangalore and Chennai.

Nice, easy to understand website that shows all timetables (last column is journey time not arrival time), allows you to choose a seat.

It's just a pity that buses are priced higher than 3-tier air con in trains.

karthik_mitta Jul 10th, 2007 15:41

wow... neat stuff. definitely helpful!!

Epicure Jul 10th, 2007 15:50


Originally Posted by steven_ber (Post 356768)
It's just a pity that buses are priced higher than 3-tier air con in trains.

It is because of "Flexibility" the travels companies and passengers have. Bus driver can stop the bus at any place in the city and the passengers have the privilege to board the bus at different boarding points of their choice. Lets not talk about traffic rules and regulations here. Also, their "push strategy" , i mean, tickets are sold by their agents add to ticket price. And in weekends and festival period, the rush is so high that at times tickets are sold in high premiums. There was a time when one of my friends bought A/C Volvo bus ticket B'lore to chennai for Rs1000 as against normal price of Rs550 in festival period.

vistet Jul 10th, 2007 15:56


Originally Posted by AvidTrekker (Post 334318)
Himachal Road Transport Corpn. buses can be booked here:


...and you get to pick seats as well ! :thumbup:

Look at the nice little gear stick , pity the image is too small for the dashboard deity.

Thanx guys !

steven_ber Jul 10th, 2007 16:03

I just checked for Rajahmundry-Chennai on a Tuesday and it was Rs750, the train fare in 3 tier air con is Rs661.

The buses look good, and I understand the flexibility, but prefer the on-board flexibility of trains.

It's always good to know the alternatives though.

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