Motor bikes rent in jaisalmer.
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Motor bikes rent in jaisalmer.

what is the bikes rent in jaisalmer. anyone has any idea about the rent of bikes in jaisalmer for a one day tour.

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Are you talking about motorbikes or bicycles ?

I've seen a place outside the fort (turn right at the main gate & walk down the road), with a sign out the front "Bloody Good Bikes".

Not sure about motorcycles though.

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pulsar.enfield bikes etc

pulsar.enfield bikes.i am talking of bikes rent for one day.are bikes available on rent at jaisalmer?
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There are quite a few good motor bike renting shops - if you walk straight down the road from the Fort as Zoltan as indicated there are a couple down there including Desert Bikes, which was the first motor bike renting place to start up around 4 years back . There is also one near the Ayurvedic Hub, just up from Salim Singh Haveli.
Not sure these days about the rates per day, but Mr K thinks around 300 rupees.

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