Diu - Jaisalmer - McLeod Ganj / transport
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Diu - Jaisalmer - McLeod Ganj / transport

Hey there folks,

I'm new here and like to get some help on my itinerary, transport options to be exact. Next days I'm going to be in Mumbay, from where I'm heading first to Palitana (guess train to Ahmedabad and further bus to destination is the best plan?) and then Diu. Next I want to visit Jaisalmer and some of Himachal Pradesh, preferably McLeod Ganj, before getting back for a return flight to Delhi. Can you please advice me on transport options for this route? Or maybe you have some other stopover advices to visit on this way?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you considering taking flights? Because Diu to Jaisalmer would not be direct and too far away by bus. Train could still be feasible but then again not sure which is the nearest station near Diu.
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Thanks for the bump up Mridula.

@ takemeaway, trains (if you can get foreign tourist quota) are a better bet. To get to Palitana from Mumbai you have a direct train as well (in addition to taking a bus ex Ahmedabad). The Bhavnagar Express runs from Bandra to Bhavnagar terminus which is closer. Take a bus from there to Palitana Taleti.

to get to Diu from Bhavnagar, a bus is a better bet (train transport to diu for some reason, goes via veraval / somanth / junagadh side and not directly down on the map).

This thread discusses bus travel options between Jaisalmer and Ahmedabad (to which you would be able to get a bus from Palitana on the Gujarat transport corporation bus).

Out of Jaisalmer, you have two options, a train to delhi (everyday) and a weekly train to Delhi (better train overall due to time taken). This thread talks about is.

From Delhi to dharamsala, your best bet (currently) is to take a train to pathankot or chakki bank. Use 90di.com or erail.com to check. The volvo (deluxe aircon) buses between delhi and Mcleodganj have run into some trouble lately (erratic service). Please look at this thread to understand.

Safe travels!

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