Advice - picking up bus tickets in Jodphur
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Advice - picking up bus tickets in Jodphur

Hi everyone,

Firstly i have read end-to-end the online bus site forum first, but maybe i am missing something, i can't seem to use any of those sites to even find buses from Jodhpur - Jaisalmer even though i understand they run every 2-3 hours!!

Does anybody know where i go when i get off the train in Jodphur junction station to get bus tickets for Jaisalmer without having to approach a tout?!?

Many thanks

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I am the same situataion as yours. Hope somebody will reply tothis thread. I am reaching Jodhpur on 11th Dec. morning. Teh best would be to ask the enquiry counter at the railway station the way to the bus station and when reaching there use the same logic.

By the way when you are travelling to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer
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The answer is correct; many of the zillions of bus companies whether private or public just won't be online. It's normally not hard to figure out on the ground, and buses should be fairly easy to catch as you go; of course, you may find your route booked out sometimes, shouldn't happen very often at all though.

Assuming you have a guidebook, my old one used to point out the bus station alright, so you'd just head out there, certainly for public (state) buses. For private buses, you may well run into some agents around the train station. While people here may sometimes scream "Touts!," that's exactly what their function is though: To get you where you need to be. Well, there are plenty of scamsters, but there's a difference between a tout and an agent. Again, you'll figure it out once you're there.

Let's see, for some of my manifold ramblings on busing in India, and arguably from outdated memory, try here: .

On my thoughts on booking buses online (and those who haven't, do check that whole thread on online options): .
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station manager

go to the station manager in Jodhpur station. He will never misguide you. He is located in platform1. You could take a train?

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